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Discussion in 'VOLuminous' started by 615 Vol, Nov 11, 2011.

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    I remember when Dooley was hired, Kevin Sumlin was the other name being thrown out as a potential hire. Mike decided that Will Muschamp knew what was best for UT and that he needed a pro-style guy that could run the ball. Still waiting for that running game while Sumlin is killing it in Houston right now. I like Dooley's personality but Sumlin would have been a better hire. The best part is that while Houston is known for passing the ball, their running back had over 200 yards last night.
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    Trains run circuitous routes.

    They leave the station, but later return. Unless they jump tracks and head due north, instead.
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    Yeah, I know that train has left the station and I wouldn't have posted anything if they hadn't played last night. That's what put it on my mind after seeing the results this guy continues to pile up. I realize he isn't playing LSU or Bama but he's not coaching an SEC squad himself. I know it's water under the bridge at this point but it does shoot a hole in the argument that no good coach was available based on the timing and circumstances of the situation. He's a Purdue guy like Cuonzo and Cheney, wonder if they have any connections?
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    You got that half right...

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