Looks Like Golden Will Be Back In The Starting Lineup.

Discussion in 'Keith Hatfield Memorial Vols Hoops' started by LawVol13, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. LawVol13

    LawVol13 Chieftain

    per Rob Lewis. Martin apparently didn't come out and say it but did everything short of saying it.
  2. SetVol13

    SetVol13 Contributor

    Not surprised. Martin is just giving everyone a wake up call. I think he knows how important the Georgia and South Carolina games are. It would be bad to come out flat and lose to one of them at home. Golden showed his worth to the team in the last game.
  3. A-Smith

    A-Smith Chieftain

    Golden has become a bit of a scapegoat for all of our ills, a la Scott. While some fo the criticism has been merited he has been far too maligned by some of our fans.
  4. SetVol13

    SetVol13 Contributor

    Yep, I am amazed at some of the comments I here sitting in the stands. If Kenny Hall or Renaldo Woolridge miss a dunk, it's Golden's fault.
  5. JohnnyQuickkick

    JohnnyQuickkick Calcio correspondent

    I honestly think Golden deserves a lot of credit for doing as well as he has. Frustrating to watch sometimes but have to remember he's playing the point out of necessity.
  6. LawVol13

    LawVol13 Chieftain

    I guess. I don't think his game is any better suited for the off guard. And, I believe he's been a PG his entire time at UT, so I'm not sure he came in expecting to play the 2.

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