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    Just thinking, because of doom and gloom and the like, about buyouts and contracts. And... it got me wondering. We know we have a buyout for Dooley. We know there is probably some type of severance thingy in place such that if Dooley left, he or the school he went to would have to pay a determined exit fee.

    But, does Tennessee have a protection in place for itself? Say, if a coach fails to win 4 games in a regular season, they can be fired without having to pay the buyout? Or anything of the like, where the school actually takes measures against becoming contractually obligated to carry a dead weight coach, and be financially liable should they need to remove said coach?

    Not saying this will apply to Dooley, because 4 wins is just MTSU, Vandy or Kentucky away, just wondering if protections are in place. Maybe, failure to reach a bowl game for three consecutive years, or some such restrictions.

    If so, think Dooley has any? And can we speculate as to what they might be?

    I would say the obvious ones are major NCAA violations and the like, but on field production may also exist.
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    This would be very unusual. Generally, if the employer wants out just because of performance, it pays the buyout.

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    not many coaches would sign a deal like that. there is nothing in CDD's contract outside of the violations clause. you probably could get a D-2 coach to accept a contract with those kind of stipulations but not a D-1 coach.

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