Pac 12 / B1G Partnership

Discussion in 'Sports' started by kidbourbon, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. kidbourbon

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    I actually think this is a good idea, and could be good for the game in general. Big Ten, Pac-12 to grow scheduling partnership - ESPN

    At the end of the day this collaboration is likely meant to keep these conferences relevant -- by adding more national exposure -- despite the fact that they can't compete with the SEC on the field.

    If SEC were to do something like this, it would have to be a joint deal with the ACC and Big 12. This way, Mizzou could keep playing Kansas. A&M could keep playing Texas. Florida could keep playing FSU. UGA could keep playing Ga. Tech. USC could keep playing Clemson. And then the schools that didn't have traditional games against we could just add rotating games. Tennessee could potentially play Va. Tech, WVU, NC. State, or UNC. I'm really just tossing stuff out here. Not sure how a 3-way arrangement would play out. Or if the SEC even really needs to do something like this.
  2. CardinalVol

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    If usc and oregon are playing michigan and ohio state, this is a great idea. If usc is playing indiana and michigan is playing washington state, then no thanks.
  3. IP

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    And I bet this is what happens.
  4. CardinalVol

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    Yeah, I'm just having a hard time believing the top teams are willingly going to play each other on an annual basis unless there is room for error, aka a playoff, by then.

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