Pac-12 media day

Discussion in 'Sports' started by droski, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

    UCLA picked by a small margin to win the conference:

    1 UCLA (14) 421
    2 California(13) 405
    3 Arizona(11) 404
    4 Washington 355
    5 Oregon 282
    6 Stanford 255
    7 USC 194
    8 OregonState 188
    9 ArizonaState 148
    10 Colorado 119
    WashingtonState 119
    12 Utah

    Can't say I agree. They have no backcourt. Also they will have zero home court advantage this year (not that pauley was overflowing with people last year). Arizona has a legit chance with the talent coming in. I do think cal should be the favorite, but sadly I cannot see cal going far in the tournament. There just isn't the talent there to match up with athletic teams. But montgomery once again will prove why he is one of teh best xs and os coaches in the country. if only he could recruit. . .

    Probably another down year for the pac-10/12.
  2. hatvol96

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    Arizona just flat isn't that good. Derrick Williams covered a bunch of flaws on that team last year. They'll miss Momo Jones, too.
  3. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

    understood, but their class was stellar and the rest of the pac-12 isn't exactly blowing it up.

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