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Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by TangoUniform, Sep 29, 2015.

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    Kind of hit the nail on the head on this.
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    Oh.. and here's a nice, interesting thread to read at the old cincy bearcat board...

    a few highlight posts:

    I forgot about that one myself... because who pays attention to big east teams with MAC-level coaches?

    etc etc etc...
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    they're limiting his sorriness to game management, which is complete crap. The guy has no idea how to strategically win football games. The OU second half hurry up was the dumbest decision he made in that game, amid a bunch of really stupid decisions.

    The declined penalties aren't game management, that's his philosophy. The stupid passing game is his offensive philosophy. The telegraphed running game is his philosophy. He just can't coach - in game, pre-game, post game, off season, any time. Dude cannot coach.
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    Good God I had forgotten he kicked a field goal from the 1 down 21 in that game.
  8. Me too...smfh
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    i don't disagree, but i think with their being removed 3+ years from Jones, they may just not remember those finer details.
    no need to get down into the details of what you're saying. spelling out the minutiae doesn't discount what they're saying overall, which is that he's a good recruiter... crap on game days.

    and they're right.
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    The sad part is they came out with a better coach than we have
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    btw... niiiice...

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    my point is that he's crap on all days from the coaching front.
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    I think this was shared here back then.
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    no argument, brother.
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    yeah.. likely was.
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    Same here, but after some thought I remember looking at my wife and telling her that was a good thing because it showed they were rolling over for the rest of the game.

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