Perimeter Play Cost Us The Game..

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    This is obvious just by the offensive statistics. 9-29 from the floor from the perimeter guys. It was also obvious defensively. Late in the game, Josh Richardson lets a kid go in for a totally uncontested layup right down the middle of the paint. Trae Golden stretch of blunders ultimately cost UT the game. It was allowing Bruce Massey, who averages 5.9 ppg and put up 20 pts and 10 rebs on Golden by the way, drive right by him for an uncontested layup; then, it was Golden's hosting up one of the weakest looking floaters I've seen in a long time only to see it smacked down his throat by Massey resulting in a turnover; then, it was Massey driving it right at Trae Golden for an 8 foot jumper, which Golden didn't even attempt to contest.

    And, last but not least, the pathetic perimeter play cost us on the backboards tonight. MTSU outrebounded us 45-29. 26 of those rebounds were collected by guards with Massey, a 6'3 point guard, getting 10 all by himself. That's the question going into next season. The frontcourt is there to be a very good team, but the perimeter guys have a long way to go.

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