Raijon Neal and Curt Maggitt

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by justingroves, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. justingroves

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    Neal seems to have gotten a little bit of confidence back. Either that, or he decided to take the tampon out. He's too good of an athlete to not have a role in this offense. If he can do what he did last night, he can be a vital part of the O. He can be a jack of all trades that can fill the role that DY was supposedly going to have. He didn't look to run out of bounds every time he touched the ball.

    Maggitt is going to be a terror for opposing offenses. If another LB can step up and allow Maggitt to rush the passer, the D can become pretty good. With a healthy Herman Lathers next season, hopefully Wilcox turns him loose a lot more next year.
  2. Beechervol

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    Neal is hard to figure. He could give this team another explosive weapon next year.

    Maggitt reminds me of Leonard Little. One minuet his not in the picture, the next he's in the backfield.
    If we close on the JUCO DLs and they bring what it looks like they can, our front 7 could be the best its been in a few years.

    The secondary is a ? There is some youth there that has some ability, but do we have the coach to develop them?
  3. KingWebbsticles

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    He took quite a shot when he tried to jump over the lineman.
  4. IP

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    I like the aggression, though. We don't have anyone so valuable as to warrant protecting themselves and running out of bounds outside of Bray and a healthy Hunter. Everyone else needs to be fighting for every yard available.

    I put D. Rogers in the "fighting" category, because that is what he is built to do.
  5. IP

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    As an aside, Z. Rogers is such a vagina. Some of you guys correctly identified his as a vagina a long time ago, but there is just no denying. If he receives contact, you know he is dropping that ball.
  6. JayVols

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    You dare speak ill of White Lightning? You'll smoke a turd in Hell for that one.
  7. VOLinDAWGland

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    If we can land Patterson and Dallas and Arnett continue to develop, White Lightning will likely never see the field again.
  8. IP

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    I dare say he won't be seeing it much next year even if we don't develop the new guys. Arnett is flat-out better.
  9. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    Only thing holding Arnett back right now is his lack of size.

    Chaney and Dooley could be charged with attempted murder if they sent Arnett across the middle on most of the SEC defenses. A full season bulking up will help him a lot.
  10. volfanjo

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    I wonder what Randolph's and Coleman's ceilings are? All-SEC players? Future draft picks?

    Randolph is a hard hitter which is good for a safety. It looks like Coleman can play a little one on one too.
  11. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    Randolph is a small safety with shoulder problems already. The way he throws his body around isn't a good thing for his draft stock. He has gotten a lot better reading and reacting this year.

    I saw Coleman in the spring and thought he was going to be a legit lockdown CB. He has the tools to do it.

    XXROCKYTOPXX Chieftain

    Having Lather's back next year would be awesome. I'm still thinking that this upcoming LB group is going to be extremely good. Santos and Peters will probably get a lot of playing time next year. I think Henderson needs a year to grow and bulk up.
  13. SmokeyVol.

    SmokeyVol. New Member

    He can teach them to catch flyballs in the outfield!
  14. Maggitt was named SEC Freshman of the Week.
  15. IP

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  16. Beechervol

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    They don't have to catch em. Just make sure the other guy don't.

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