Rex Ryan: Tebow looks "outstanding"

Discussion in 'Sports' started by droski, May 2, 2012.

  1. droski

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    "Everybody put everybody (in our division) ahead of us, which I think it hilarious, but I think we had a heck of a draft," Ryan said. "And when you put Tim Tebow in there as a fourth-round pick, it looks even better."

    Ryan mocks draft critics, lauds QBs

    What week does tebow take over for sanchez? I say week 4. Don't tell me ryan is thinking tebow is making a big impact as a blocker on punts. . .
  2. kptvol

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    Says he looks outstanding in limited drills, as does Sanchez. But are Tebow and Sanchez running the same drills or is Tebow doing short yardage stuff?
  3. VolDad

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    Let's see what he is saying at the end of the year.

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