SEC Power Rankings Week 3

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    For me and the two other guys who have bothered to look at them.

    Sheer dominance division

    1. Bama - Go ahead and make new years reservations in New Orleans

    Pretty good, but still not sure how good division

    2. State - Fitzgerald currently looking like a Heisman finalist. Saturday was as good of a game as I've seen the Bulldogs play in a long, long time

    3. Georgia - Will win East by deafult at this point. Not sure they are great, but they are the tallest midget. Will find out more Saturday

    Wait, what....ok, whatever division

    4. Vandy - Who should be here instead? 3-0 with a win over a top 25 team. Probably should be ranked this week.

    Flip a coin, they are all going to go between 5-3 and 3-5 in conference division

    5. LSU - That was ugly. Very ugly.

    6. Auburn - See above

    7. Kentucky - They are probably not the 7th best team, but they are 3-0, and everyone else sucks too.

    8. Florida - *Sighs*

    9. Carolina - We will see how they fare without a playmaker. Tough loss Saturday.

    10. Tennessee - Talent is top 3, coaching is 13th.

    11. Ole Miss - You lose to Cal, you get ranked low.

    12. A&M - Eventually, the team not caring agaisnt a bad team is going to bite them.

    13. Arkansas - Someone had to be ranked last in this group, we'll give it to the team that scored 7 at home to a TCU team that gave up 36 to SMU yesterday.

    We're talking 90s Vandy bad division

    14. Missouri - Very, very bad football team. At least they have a new basketball coach to excite the fan base! Oh, wait....................
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    Tallest midget*
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    5-13 should all just be labelled "suck but not Missouri".
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    I enjoy these.

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