So Tobias Harris...

Discussion in 'Keith Hatfield Memorial Vols Hoops' started by volfanjo, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. volfanjo

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    ... is seen about all over town... at Thompson-Boling, at football games, on the strip, and at high school basketball games. And yet, not in a Tennessee uniform. I'm not mad at him, but how much better would we be with him you think? I have to imagine that a player of his stature would get us in the top half of the league, and maybe the third or fourth best team in the league. Probably good enough to make the tourney?

    What might have been.
  2. hatvol96

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    Tennessee might be a tournament team with Harris, but they'd still be no better than fifth or sixth in the SEC.
  3. IP

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    That's exactly how I see it. Hindsight is 20/20. At the time, there was uncertainty and upheaval on the Hill, and big bucks on the table. Can't blame him just because it didn't work out for him. I don't think he could have saved us from what is coming.
  4. volfanjo

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    That's not my point.

    He's still in town -- not only because of the lockout -- but because he seems to genuinely like it here, enjoys school, or has at least enough relationships that he prefers Knoxville to Long Island. That's significant, and the type of guy you want on your team. Additionally, you don't think a top-20 draft pick with an outside shot at SEC POY would appreciably help this team and make this season considerably more enjoyable? Not to mention that he was pretty fun to watch at times? JMO.
  5. IP

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    Okay, I hear ya.
  6. The Dooz

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    isn't he helping Tony Jones at Alcoa this season?

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