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Discussion in 'VOLuminous' started by CardinalVol, May 15, 2017.

  1. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    Got completely screwed on what should have been an out three and ended up being 4 runs for TAMU. Losing 4-3 right now.
  2. SGMVols

    SGMVols Contributor

    Tennessee gonna Tennessee. In every single sport.
  3. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    Got absolutely hosed on this one.

    TBSVOL Member

    They're very young (one senior), will be better next year and our only sport that recruits well and doesn't whine about being young
  5. lylsmorr

    lylsmorr Super Moderator

    Everything is bad
  6. SGMVols

    SGMVols Contributor

    I never would have imagined that after 4 SEC series, the baseball team and softball team would have the same conference record. They're both 5-7.
  7. SGMVols

    SGMVols Contributor

    Swept LSU in Knoxville. That's more like it.
  8. Tar Volon

    Tar Volon Me Blog

    I knew SEC softball was wrong, but I didn't realize it was this strong--9 teams in the Super Regionals, with two all-SEC matchups (including Tennessee against Georgia in Athens)
  9. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    All 13 teams made the tournament.
  10. InVolNerable

    InVolNerable Fark Master Flex

    I had no idea Vandy didn’t have a team until now.
  11. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    Focusing on their power sport, bowling, instead.

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