Steve Alford to UCLA.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by yont sum iss?, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. yont sum iss?

    yont sum iss? Contributor

    So much for that extension.
  2. OrangeEmpire

    OrangeEmpire Take a chance, Custer did

    Crazy, at the mexican grill and saw it on tv.
  3. LaneTrain

    LaneTrain Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    Makes sense.
  4. The Dooz

    The Dooz Super Moderator

    I hope it works out for him.
  5. hatvol96

    hatvol96 Well-Known Member

    Firing Ben Howland to hire Steve Alford is monumentally stupid. Iowa fans are laughing heartily.
  6. 615 Vol

    615 Vol Chieftain

    Does Bob Knight dislike Steve Alford is that something the media exaggerated?
  7. NashVol11

    NashVol11 Well-Known Member

    My first thought as well. I'm pretty sure even New Mexico fans are laughing at this.
  8. NashVol11

    NashVol11 Well-Known Member

    I feel like Sean Miller and Arizona will own the Pac-12 the way Self and Kansas own the Big 12. I just don't see anyone in that conference who will challenge them consistently.
  9. kidbourbon

    kidbourbon Well-Known Member

    You think they'll stand out among their peers like Led Zeppelin?
  10. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

  11. NashVol11

    NashVol11 Well-Known Member

    I really like Zeppelin; that would be a fantastic accomplishment for them.
  12. Volmaul

    Volmaul New Member

  13. zehr27

    zehr27 8th's VIP

    I take it you think Steve is not a good coach? Any reason for that?
  14. lylsmorr

    lylsmorr Super Moderator

    Probably his one sweet 16 appearance in 22 years of coaching.
  15. zehr27

    zehr27 8th's VIP

    It seems like ever where he has gone he has made the teams he coaches better. He does seem to blow it come tournament time.
  16. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

    or losing record in the big 10.
  17. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

  18. zehr27

    zehr27 8th's VIP

    He certainly did not tear it up while he was there but he did win the big 10 tourney while he was there. How many have they won since he left?
  19. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

    Tom Davis didn't exactly leave the program in shambles.
  20. LaneTrain

    LaneTrain Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    Shoulda hired Pearl IMO, JMO, IYAM.

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