Tennessee getting Clemson transfer

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    Now former Clemson Sophomore PG Cory Stanton from Springfield, TN is apparently enrolling at Tennessee this week. Will walk-on. Supposedly should be eligible to play next season.

    Out of HS was listed as a 3* 5'11 160 PG.

    Clemson has him as 5'11 175 now.

    Blurb from profile on Clemson website....

    In 2010-11: Appeared in 33 of the 34 games as a first-year freshman, the only game he missed was after Christmas when he was delayed returning to Clemson from Tennessee due to inclement weather...averaged 2.4 points per game and played 352 minutes, an average of 10.7 per contest...struggled shooting the ball from long range, but made 21-46 shots inside the arc for a 46 percent mark...shot 67 percent for the year from the free throw line, but 70 percent during ACC play...showed a willingess to sacrifice for the team, he took five charges in limited minutes...had a positive assist-to-turnover ratio, he had only 21 turnovers the entire season.
  2. IP

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    Cool. Can't hurt.
  3. alumvol08

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    Anybody know anything else about this kid? Any chance to contribute?
  4. GoVols2003

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    -Rob Lewis
  5. hatvol96

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    A practice body. Coach Martin still has to go out and recruit over Washpun or next year will be more of the same.
  6. Tar Volon

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    I haven't seen him play, but the scouting report sounds like Washpun 2.0. Maybe they battle for the 5-10 #2 minutes per game? Provided we don't get a for real point guard, which we still desperately need.
  7. alumvol08

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    That's what I figured. Thanks for the input Hat.
  8. LeeVol20

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    I've said for the last 2 months Washpun isn't an SEC point guard, and everyone looks at me and says he needs time.

    Glad I'm not the only one to think that.

    (I coach basketball, so you'd think I'd know what I am talking about)
  9. homefry20

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    I wouldnt get too excited about a 3* sub 6 ft PG. Might help out in practice but thats about it.
  10. LeeVol20

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    I'll take a free 3* any day. I don't care what his role is.

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