Tennessee most talent and experience in the East

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    Good article

    "On Tennessee’s two-deep depth chart projections, there are four five-stars, 24 four-stars, and 16 three-stars"

    "Georgia’s two-deep has six five-stars, 20 four-stars, and 16 three-stars"

    "Florida, on the other hand, has two five-stars, 21 four-stars, 16 three-stars, three two-stars, and two unranked players in their two-deep"

    "Tennessee also has the most experienced roster in the East this season based on average class age. The Vols’ average class for their offensive starters and backups is a junior, and their average class for their defensive starters and backups is also a junior"
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  2. NorrisAlan

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    But Butch says we are young. That article is obviously flawed.
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    This is great. Either we play up to our talent level and have a good season, or we don't and it's obvious that coaching is the problem.
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    Guy that put the info together posts on VN.
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    Interesting article but the "numbers" value a five-star at 1.25xfour-star and 1.66xthree-star. While a five-star player "tends" to be in the statistical tail of the recruiting curve, I am not sure these numbers hold.
  6. NorrisAlan

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    It also completely fails to take into consideration five star hearts.
  7. knoxvol

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    Champions of Life Championships...

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