Texas fires Vince Young

Discussion in 'Sports' started by bostonvol, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. justingroves

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    He also ran like a chickenshit when it mattered. It was McNair that willed those teams to wins but George that got the attention.

    It still pisses me off
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    Just looked it up. 3.6 ypc in his career. Outside of his rookie season, his longest run was 40 yards (had a 76 yarder his rookie season, but got chased down and tackled so no TD).
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  3. Volst53

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    That raven defense was so damn good though.

    Honestly might be the best ever.
  4. justingroves

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    It was awesome and fun to watch. They were bullies that made players quit.

    Eddie was made out to be this big, bad son of a [itch bay] but he didn't want to play against them at all in his career.

    He loved to talk but there wasn't a sidelines he wouldn't run out of against them
  5. CardinalVol

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    I remember the graphic I think CBS showed one game during the 2001 season documenting all the injuries and which body parts were injured. McNair was basically being held together by chicken wire and duct tape at that point.
  6. lylsmorr

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    Accurate. McNair was a tough SOB
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  7. justingroves

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    He played with a broken sternum and broke ribs. He and Favre are the only two QBs I know of that played with broken bones in their throwing hands too. Look at the receivers he was throwing to, too. Derek Mason turned into a fine receiver, but he started out as a return man that couldn't catch.
  8. Ssmiff

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    On July 4th we were having a good time. Sunny pool day. My mom called and broke the news of Mcnair. One of the few times ive been affected by the death of someone outside family and close friends.
    Unfortunately his habit of cheating cost him his life.
    His son, who was a good basketball player at BA, became the first male dancer at BA and i believe now is up in New York. He credited Steve with his success, saying Mcnair always told him to be who he was.
  9. justingroves

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    My dad shredded his knee in 2003, a ladder broke when he was on it and the lower part of his leg was at a 90 degree bend from his body. Anyways, after surgery, he's got rehab at St Thomas. The Titan's doctor did my dad's knee surgery. My dad is clueless in regards to sports, he couldn't tell you who's who or what's what on a football field.

    Anyways, I'm picking him up from rehab one day and he's talking about this, in his words "big son of a [itch bay] with a screwed up thumb, he's a nice guy but I don't see why he's there for a thumb". The next time I pick him up, he's shooting the shit with McNair. My dad goes "this is the guy with a screwed up thumb, he finally told me what he does, it makes sense now".
  10. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    [uck fay] him

  11. warhammer

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    In my mind, I still do the play by play for mkst of Eddie's carries.

    George with the handoff. Looks left. Finds his guard, and finds a place to fall down. One yard gain on the play.

    Guy was not very good and boring to watch.
  12. CardinalVol

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    Welp, here we go.
  13. IP

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    Nobody benefited more from Steve Young than Eddie George.

    Edit: McNair. I'm not working today and have phoned everything in.
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  14. IP

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    Remember when the Titans run game was short passes to Derek Mason, because they couldn't run for more than 3 yards a carry? I 'member.
  15. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    Please, explain
  16. IP

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    I'm an idiot, you see. I meant McNair.

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