The Big East is about to become the frequent flyer miles conference.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by WM, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. WM

    WM Active Member

  2. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

    what a friggin joke. pull their aq status
  3. WM

    WM Active Member

    I'm laughing at you, Memphis.
  4. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

    i love adding san diego state. one decent season in 20 years and now you go to a bcs league? really?
  5. tvolsfan

    tvolsfan Chieftain

    This seems like insanity. The football will still suck and a lot of student athletes will spend a lot of time traveling.
  6. WM

    WM Active Member

    The Big East has a ton of Thursday nights games. Could you imagine being South Florida playing a Saturday night game at home then having to travel to Idaho for a game five days later?
  7. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    Houston playing at Rutgers in a 3-game baseball series in February is exactly what those guys had in mind I'm sure.
  8. IP

    IP Super Moderator

    They better stock up on some carbon credits.
  9. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    I thought it was football only?

    Either way, it's beyond dumb.
  10. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    I think Houston, SMU, and UCF are all their sports JG.

    And QP, I know you're right. Just the thought of some short stop from El Paso traveling to Piscataway or Storrs in mid-March for a baseball game strikes me as funny.

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