The Coach Is the Program

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by Tenacious D, May 17, 2012.

  1. Tenacious D

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    Was reading an article on ESPN that was discussing coaches salaries, both at the collegiate and pro level, a few interesting tidbits of note:

    1. Want Gruden? You better be upwards of $7M / year, if not more, because thats where the big names hover in the NFL. To pu that in context, Saban is slated to make $5.3M next season.

    2. However, the article also discusses the difficulty in estimating a college coaches actual take-home salary, because it can come from so many different places / funds / boosters - for example, on paper, Duke says that Coach K made $4.7M last season in salary, but federal tax filings show that he actually made $8.9M after incentives and bonuses.

    3. The article cites experts who say that the actual university only pays about 25% of the coaches total compensation, on average. So, if you wonder how important boosters are in the spending of money to hire a coach - they're likely somewhere between 50-75% of it.

    4. And then, I tab across this golden little piece of truth, when an expert was attempting to explain why a college coach took home a greater percentage of total revenue than do their professional counterparts:

    "The millionaire coaches are overpaid by one standard -- you don’t see NBA head coaches making 5 percent to 10 percent of their clubs’ annual revenues like top college coaches do. But there’s a reason for that -- an NBA franchise is a big operation that transcends the current coach. Star players carry the club on the court, owners and other front office executives take care of business off it. In college, the coach is the program, for the most part, both the public face and guy replenishing the talent as players graduate or leave early for the pros."

    If that's the case (and I believe it is), we're even more screwed than even we could imagine.

    Link: ESPN Bill Belichick highest-paid coach -- again
  2. IP

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    I don't know that the academic side or state pays for any of the salary of an athletic coach at UT. I think the burden is entirely on boosters and the AD.
  3. IP

    IP Advanced Pruitt Apologetics Bot

    And if it is not the case, whatever portion the academic side is paying Dooley should be cut immediately, given the team GPA. He clearly is doing the academic side of the university a disservice.
  4. kptvol

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    Please. Bamboo = biology. Rommel = history. Process = math or business or something. He's teaching them all they need to know.
  5. NYYVol

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    Exactly. Just trust the process.
  6. droski

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    if the coach is the program than if you don't support the coach you don't support the program. VFL!
  7. tvolsfan

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    I remember people saying "Fulmer IS Tennessee football" when he was the coach here. Anyone saying that should have been hit in the face with a bat.
  8. JT5

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    It's true. In the NFL, the players are the stars. Particularly at QB. If you don't have a big-time qb, you don't win big.

    In college, the coaches are the stars. Quick - name the starting qb at Texas, Florida State, and LSU. The pieces change every season. You can't achieve and sustain success without a top-shelf coach.
  9. kptvol

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    We should count ourselves lucky. What other big time programs have a coach with such strong support from his mother?
  10. IP

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    Could be a whole other thread.
  11. JayVols

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    Would make excellent case study material for Freudian psychologists.
  12. NashVol11

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    Not really the best examples of "star" coaches though

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