The Great Professional Fishing Scandal of 2022

Discussion in 'Sports' started by ole_orange, Oct 1, 2022.

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    Yep and maybe a little desperate. They probably knew about what they needed to win the tournament the last day (big tournaments are usually over a 3-4 day period) and added what they needed to win.
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    Definitely not. I'm only wrong part of the time.
  3. Ssmiff

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    Headed to Cape San blas on the bay Saturday for a few days. Rented a pontoon for 2 days to fish. My poor sons have a dad who is below a novice fisherman. I guess I will try to find some poles this week.
    Anybody have advice on what type of pole or bait to use in Port st Joe bay?
  4. IP

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    Top pros seem to be getting them to hit hunks of lead pretty well. Careful though, they'll clean your line sometimes.
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    I worked down on 30A the summer in between finishing undergrad and starting grad school. I had a kayak and wanted to fish, I'd fished all my life but never in the ocean. I just went into a bait & tackle shop down there and said hey rig me up what I need to go out there and catch fish. The guy heads for what to me looks like an expensive reel and I'm like woah there buddy, I need this thing to work for a summer not a lifetime. Then he reaches up for the budget model that he said had been sitting there for years. I caught a shit ton of fish with it.

    I'm sure they've got a shop in Port St Joe where they could hook you up for not too much $ and also give you some advice on what to do to actually catch them.
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  6. ole_orange

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    Dad, Uncles, cousins and myself used to go shark fishing on various beach trips to the panhandle over the years. You aren’t living until you’ve experienced what it’s like to battle a freaking bull shark on the line. The raw power and strength of those animals boggles the mind. God bless our guides who had to unhook those things on the rare occasions we landed a bull. Those people were true experts at their craft. However we have all vowed our days of shark fishing are done as we all have become more educated and enlightened on the importance of sharks over the years. The last thing we want to do now is potentially harm a shark just to satisfy our personal leisure considering the vital role they play in the ecosystem.

    As far as fresh water Tennessee fishing, we’ve always enjoyed fishing for trophy stripped bass (aka rock fish) in the Caney Fork/Cumberland River/Cordell Hull Dam area. If you are into stripped bass fishing, those spots are some of the best fresh water stripped bass fishing holes in the world. 30-60 lb stripped bass saturate those waters.
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    I’m more of a freshwater fisherman, but I’ve fished in that area before this time of year.

    The redfish and trout should be running this time of year in the bays. You can also catch some flounder. Some medium sized spinning reels and heavy action rods should be good enough to catch a few fish. I’d use some type of artificial bait that mimics a shrimp or some topwater baits may work really early or late. Ideally you’d like to use a jig head with live shrimp, but you won’t have the capability to keep the shrimp alive without some type of livewell. You’ll also need some type of flourocarbon leader which they should sell at the bait shop so you won’t have to rig your own.

    Like Steele said above, just go to the local bait shop and they will get you hooked up with all you need.
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    Re: freshwater. Yep, my parents (well, Mom still does) live on 10 acres on the Cumberland in that area. Caught some nice stripers on the Cumberland and some fun canoe trips on the Caney Fork. When it gets cold (~December) you can watch the Sauger fisherman out on the river from the back porch.
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    It would be a dream to own river front like that.
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    Sauger is delicious
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    I love that area, dad and I have been fishing those waters since I was 8 years old. The Caney Fork River especially will always be near and dear to me as it is the spot I caught a 45 pound striper when I was younger. Great memory I’ll always cherish.

    Spring time is always the best time to potentially land a state record striper because that is when the females are pregnant. You will wanna hit up the Cumberland River area near Cordell Hull during the spring. But come summertime the Caney Fork is the place to fish for stripers because the bigger ones like to dwell in that cool Caney Fork water. The conventional wisdom is to use shad or skip jack as bait, but we’ve seemingly had more success over the years using trout instead.

    When we first started fishing that area we used a guide. When on the Caney Fork he would always point out a property that allegedly was owned by the Al Gore family. He would tell us the same story everytime about how Al Gore would sometimes visit that property along the Caney Fork for a quick vacation while he was in office. When he was there visiting there would be a secret service agent in disguise anchored in a boat pretending to fish in front of their property. Our guide would say he liked to mess with the poor secret service agent by approaching him and asking him a bunch of annoying fishing questions he obviously had no clue how to answer. Always found that story amusing assuming it is indeed true.
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    The only problem was there is a setback (I forget the footage) on the Cumberland (at least the stretch they live on) and no one can put a permant dock or launch. It is still very peaceful and beautiful and it is not that hard to slide a jon boat or canoe in. However, there are 2 rural boat launches nearby and there never any traffic.
  13. Poppa T

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    I can believe the guides story.

    My parent's property is not too far from Carthage. They bought the 10 acres when my Dad retired in the late 80's. They wanted to be closer to my Grandparents. A set in Madison and a set in Donelson. Dad loved canoeing on the Caney Fork.
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    Sauger and crappie have definitely made me a snobby fish eater over the years.
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    Carthage is beautiful rural Tennessee country. Not much to it as far as things going on there, but the scenery is tranquil and spectacular. Plus the people there couldn’t be more friendly.

    Closing out our day on the water fishing that area with a meal at the ole Timberloft restaurant has always been our ritual. I’m also a huge fan of the Carthage WaffleHouse- anytime I’m there they have always managed to go above and beyond with their level of service and food compared to other WHs
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    This case should be hook, line, and sinker.
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    Like shooting fish in a barrel.
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    Fishing with dynamite

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