The Orlando Magic Fiasco

Discussion in 'Sports' started by GahLee, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. GahLee

    GahLee Director of Conspiracy Theories, 8th Maxim

    Has reached a new high, or low depending upon your seat at the circus.

    What do you guys think about the idea of Howard supposedly asking management to fire Van Gundy and Van Gundy's candid response this morning during the Magic's shootaround?
  2. IP

    IP Advanced Pruitt Apologetics Bot

    More power to Van Gundy. The truth shall set you free.
  3. GahLee

    GahLee Director of Conspiracy Theories, 8th Maxim

    I tend to agree.

    I have no problem with what he did.

    I don't have a problem with what Howard did, if he truly wants to stay in Orlando and feels that Van Gundy is not going to help them in the big picture, well, I can certainly understand that as well.

    That was a very interesting interview this morning for sure.
  4. FlowingAway.

    FlowingAway. Banned

    I want David Copperfield to put them in a plane and make them all disappear. That's magic I would cheer for.

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