The Pembroke Postgame Report.

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  1. hatvol96

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    1. Fran Fraschilla is ESPN's best game analyst. He's prepared, insightful, and hasn't become enamored with catchphrases and schtick.
    2. There's a new definition of insanity. It involves continuing to attack Anthony Davis and expecting not to get your shots swatted.
    3. It was great to see Renaldo Woolridge have a career night. I just wish he could have saved it for a night UT actually could have ridden it to a road win.
    4. The turnovers weren't as crippling tonight as at other times in the season. Of course, UK doesn't really look to force you to throw it away. They just make you miss and rebound.
    5. This Kentucky frontcourt is as versatile and talented a group as there has been at the collegiate level in some time. When Anthony Davis is stepping out and hitting jumpers, it's going to be a long night for anyone.
    6. Jarnell Stokes struggled to get his shot up against quality size. He did hold his own on the boards. He'll develop a few tricks to counter shotblockers. We have to remember he should be shopping for a prom tux right now.
    7. The wing rotation of Skylar McBee, Jordan McRae, Cameron Tatum, and Josh Richardson combined to score 3 more points against UK tonight than I did. That's an unacceptable effort and they have to provide more for this team to be competitive.
    8. Darius Miller is one of my favorite players in America. He simply blends in with the great talent around him and does what is needed on a given night. This time next year, he'll be on an NBA roster.
    9. If my math is correct, UT shot 9-39 inside the arc. Kentucky is a truly great defensive team. That said, you have to hit more than 1 of every 4 at this level. The Vols didn't rise to the challenge tonight.
    10. Winning the next two games is imperative if Tennessee wants to play past the SEC Tournament. Georgia and South Carolina are not good teams and they're coming into UT's building. If the Vols are at .500 by 10:15 next Wednesday night, it'll be a major disappointment.
  2. IP

    IP Super Moderator

    Cameron Tatum has been immensely disappointing.

    I feel like in a game like that, you have to take the jump shot. Yet, we kept going right to the rim and getting blocked.

    I suppose we were outgunned no matter what.
  3. NYY

    NYY Super Moderator

    Missed the game due to an intrasquad. Glad I missed it.
  4. LawVol13

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    Caught the Grizz-Nuggets game tonight and had to miss it. Glad that I did.
  5. kidbourbon

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    This game played out like I expected. Missed perimeter shots or swatted shots around the rim. Anthony Davis is something special.
  6. CardinalVol

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    My son saw his father blow a gasket for the first time last night with Tatum's drive down the lane out of control off balanced left handed layup attempt late in the first half at 34-22.

    I'm seriously ready for him to get the Jordan Howell treatment.

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