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Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by LawVol13, Dec 10, 2011.

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    1.) It's time for Trae Golden's ass to be on the bench. He is a huge liability defensively, and now he's a liability offensively. Totally and completely pathetic.

    2.) Why it is so hard for us to learn how to guard a [uck fay]ing ball screen is beyond me. High school teams are more effective. AP ran the pick and pop the entire second half, and we never once guarded it. It was so bad that we basically just got lucky when they didn't score. If you score 70 points, it should be enough to beat AP by at least 15.

    3.) Kenny Hall is a bright spot right now. He's played his 2 best games the last two. He seems to be the only one that's actually improving at this point.

    4.) This team has regressed so much since Maui that it's kind of mind-boggling.

    5.) Maymon got 2 shots in the second half. That's completely inexcusable.
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    6) Bench tatum

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