Uncle Neyland's Upsets WEEK 1 Posted

Discussion in 'Sports' started by UncleNeyland, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. UncleNeyland

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  2. IP

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    Don't be shocked if your Boise State pick doesn't work out. Folks have been picking against them for years and they keep winning these kind of games.
  3. TennTradition

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    Good work - UncleNeyland.

    I can't remember where I read it, but the gist of the blurb that I read on this game essentially said don't bet against Chris Peterson when he has time to prepare (openers and bowl games). Was that article posted on here? Not sure where I read it, but I wanted to see what his record was in those games...
  4. UncleNeyland

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    Yeah, I know. I just think the loss of a combined 140+ receptions with those two WRs that were seniors will be a difference maker. BSU's O line is 290 lbs vs. UGA D line of 322 lbs. .... and UGA always seems to have some athletes that can play LB. That being said, I just wonder what running game can be generated against them with the size difference. I know BSU has done it over and over again... but I am picking the Dawgs as much as a defense of the SEC as it is on UGA's merit. (yeah, UncleNeyland isn't very scientific).
  5. tidwell

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    Good read, UN.
  6. IP

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    Eh, you may be right on the money, Uncle. Time will tell. Good stuff, at any rate. Looking forward to all future installments.
  7. hohenfelsvol

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    I picked UGA over Boise too. Don't ask me why...
  8. droski

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    Cal will beat fresno easily. People don't seem to understand how truly awful fresno is at this point. remember ole miss destroyed them last year. they have a new qb with zero experience, return one olineman, one dlineman, and their best defensive player is now out for the season. cal returns almost everyone and has had back to back top-15 recruiting classes. i'd honestly be surprised if cal won by less than 3 tds. tedford's teams always destroy these type of opponents. get cal on the road or in conference and yes he starts sucking balls. this seems to be a popular outright upset pick on the internet despite the fact that the line has gone up all week meaning someone is betting on cal.
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