Went to the Lakers-Grizzlies Game Last Night...

Discussion in 'Sports' started by LawVol13, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. LawVol13

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    Great game. Couple thoughts I had about the game and the teams.

    1.) The Grizzlies are vastly, vastly better coached than the Lakers. Missing their two best players, they outplayed LA most of the game.
    2.) Marc Gasol is an excellent, excellent post. However, Andrew Bynum is better. Bynum is a tank, and I buy the argument that he is close to Dwight Howard.
    3.) Kobe Bryant is ridiculous. 16 years in the League, and has a great ability to score without exerting that much energy. Very cool to watch in person.
    4.) Ron Artest talks shit the entire game. Probably nothing ground-breaking, but it's pretty cool to watch in person.
    5.) Lionel Hollins is one of the best coaches in the NBA right now. I'm very, very impressed with him.
    6.) LA's supporting cast is absolutely atrocious. Steve Blake sucks absolute ass, and he got most of the minutes last night over Fisher.
    7.) Marc Gasol would be a better player for the Lakers than Pau. He is the better player right now.
    8.) FedEx is a cool place to catch a game. I recommend it for anyone in Memphis.
  2. lylsmorr

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    Agree on all counts. I never thought Mike Brown was worth his weight and when the FEF is loaded up, it is a great place to watch an NBA game. I just wish that either Z-Bo or Rudy had been active for the game.

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