what changed on the UK game?

Discussion in 'Vols Hoops' started by IP, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. IP

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    what changed in the last 15 minutes of the UK game that led to coming back from 17 pts down to winning it with UK forced to foul?

    I want to say it was simply two things:

    1. not turning it over as much

    2. finding the open player

    This is a very different team when they are not turning it over. That game would be a 10+ pts victory without a couple of sloppy giveaways on inbound passes.
  2. JohnnyQuickkick

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    Well, yeah. #1 has been their Achilles heel. Even beyond shooting. They’ve put together really good halves in a bunch of games. A big difference in the UK games alone is that in Knoxville UK hit a bunch of tough shots they didn’t finish in Lexington
  3. Yeah UK imploding definitely played a part. Apparently some drama going on with Hagans.
  4. IP

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    Go on.
  5. He was refusing to go into the game.
  6. Ssmiff

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    Fulk was unstoppable is what happened. 2nd most points scored at Rupp by a Vol, ever.
    And other guys hit shots.
  7. JohnnyQuickkick

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    That was certainly part of it
  8. justingroves

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    Fulkerson ate Pal's at halftime
  9. Ssmiff

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    I dont know when the 3 second lane rule changed. Big auburn kid camped out in it during our choke and slung people around while camped. That shit hopefully wont be allowed at home today.
  10. Looks like Hagans won’t travel to Florida today for UK for “personal reasons”.
  11. SGMVols

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    He’ll either be in the draft or the portal after their season ends. Cal is done with him.
  12. Hagans on Snapchat posting a video with a very large wad of cash. Lmao.
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  13. A-Smith

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    I really hate to see that we contributed to the demise of their National Championship dreams.
  14. Tenacious D

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    So, he played at such a high level even after being poisoned? Remarkable.
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