Where did ESPN 2 rent that truck from?

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    Wow, what a bad crew, from the booth to the Cameras. I hope UT feed them good cause the director and producer and the board operator need to go back to the 11'oclock news in a small town in Wisconsin! WOW! At least the crew that they use on the PPV games are little better and the cameras are in HD! ............................OK now Why can't the coaches keep them inspired and on task? Janzen is such a moron!
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    Got a call yesterday afternoon asking if I wanted to be on the ESPN sound crew on the field, holding the plastic parabolic mic. Would've been fun but i had other obligations. Perhaps they recruited the rest of their production staff similarly.


    It's usually the communications classes that they get to do it. i have been crewed a few times for some very good things!

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