Your 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Pick'Em Contest Rules and Procedures.

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    It is that time all of us racing fans have waited all Winter to arrive, the 2012 NASCAR season opener at Daytona is just over the next high banked turn. I wish to welcome all to participate in the Pick'Em contest. It is easy, challenging and a lot of fun. You can win weekly and compete for the season overall championship which will earn you a $100 gift certificate. There will be two segments with each winner receiving $50. There will be an entry thread for Daytona posted just as soon as NASCAR releases the expected entry list of drivers, so watch for it and the Pole Position Winner entry thread. Thank you for considering entering and good luck to those who choose to join in on the fun. Many have said this contest has made watching and following racing more enjoyable.

    General rules
    1. Pick the top 6 finishers in each NASCAR Sprint Cup race, and enter your picks in the appropriate thread each week. Picks must be in the order of how you think they will finish. Each race will have a tie-breaker pick which requires picking the finish position of a designated driver.
    2. There will be a Pole Position Winner thread for each event. Enter your pick and earn 5 bonus points if you pick correctly.
    3. Picks are to be made from a seeded driver listing included in the entry thread. Drivers are split into three groups - A, B & C. You may only pick two drivers from each group. An evaluation and any needed revisions will be made of this seeding at the halfway point of the season with the July Daytona race.
    4. Each contestant will have one “Mulligan”. This is done by dropping your lowest score for the season. Missing a race means you receive 0 for your lowest race score.
    5. Entries must specify the exact driver in the case of those with identical last names (example - Kyle & Kurt Busch, Jeff & Robby Gordon). Entries with last name only will be awarded the points of the lowest finishing driver. It is best to use the driver's car number.
    6. All picks must be entered by the listed deadline for each race and pole qualification. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!
    7. The Overall Season Championship will have three components with two segments split at the July Daytona race with a winner of each segment receiving $50. There will also be an overall season champion who will receive a minimum $100 gift certificate courtesy of Float, Tenny D, The Dooz, KptVol, volfanbill, CardinalVol, JustinGroves and rbroyles.
    8. Tie-breakers for the Overall Champion and halfway segment winners will be applied in this order - most weekly race contests won, highest single race score, most race winners picked, most pole position winners. In the advent still tied, the winner is the highest scorer in the final race.

    We will award your drivers picked with the same points they earn from NASCAR as posted by Bonus points can be earned by:

    1. Picking the pole position winner will earn 5 points.
    2. Picking the race winner will earn 5 points.
    3. Having any three of the your picks finish in the first six will earn 3 points, picking four will earn 4, picking five will earn 5, and picking all six will earn 6.
    4. Picking the first three in the same order they finish relative to each of your other picks earns 3 points, four earns 4 points, five earns 5 points, and six earns 6 points.

    Example: Your first pick is Bobby Labonte and he wins and leads the most laps. Your other five picks finish 3rd, 5th, 6th, 20th and 30th. Your total score for that race is; 48+41+39+23+13 = 164 driver points from NASCAR. Bonus points for picking the winner are 5 and picking four in the top six are 4 for a total of 173. If you correctly picked the pole position winner, you would earn 5 more points making the week's total 178.

    Contest starts with the Daytona 500 Pole Position qualifying on February 18th. Watch for the entry threads to be posted soon. All disputes will be handled by rbroyles with all decisions final. Your entry each week is proof of agreement with all rules, and to abide with any decision made.
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    Sweet. Guys this is fun. Thanks rb and float for the added incentive. See you 'at the track'.
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    This reminds me. RB. You got paypal? I can paypal you the $25.
  4. rbroyles

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    Never got around to setting up an account. You could just hold it until we have a winner and send it to him (her).
  5. MaconVol

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    good stuff rbroyles
  6. justingroves

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    Looking forward to it
  7. CardinalVol

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    So let me make sure I've got this straight - there isn't any max umber of times I can pick a drive? I could pick the same 6 all season if I wanted?
  8. rbroyles

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    Yes, that is correct, but only two from each group, and that is assuming all six make all races.

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