A solution to the problem in Afghanistan..sort of

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by 7thgroupvolfan, May 17, 2012.

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    Speaking with an elder recently and he suggested that the only way to fix the problem in his country was to kill every person over the age of 12, including himself. We've joked about it before amongst ourselves, but to hear a respected afghan say it shocked me.

    At this point, it's just about getting the Afghan people to fight for their own country. Problem is, though, not many are willing to do that. They are scared. We offer them weapons for protection, they make excuses. We offer them a job to protect their own village and families from the bad guys, they make excuses of why they cannot. These people are so used to getting their ass beat that they don't remember how to stand up for themselves. It's not hard to motivate one person, but to motivate a country....hope there is a swimming pool at my site when I'm over here in 2020..
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    He has an interesting opinion.

    Sounds like he understands the problem all too well. Hard to disagree with that.
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    He's one of the few that remembers what it's like to fight for himself. It's not that most don't remember, it's the most don't know they can. Most don't know even know that if they were to drive or bike 30 miles down the road to the next ramble shamble of a town, they'd still be fellow countrymen. You know better than me 7th, but I think a bigger problem than bringing individuals together is bringing each city of a province together and then trying to bring the provinces together. They don't see or understand why that even matters.

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