SEC blocks Texas A&M bid to join.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Hobock, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. IP

    IP "You don't know what it is like in our universe."

    TAMU never made a ton of sense to me. I'd rather the SEC pick up Maryland, Mizzou, etc. first. St. Louis and the DC area would be nice market editions.
  2. LaneTrain

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    I still expect A&M to withdraw and them to be invited by week's end.

    Pretty much the meeting was to go over legal matters from what I can gather. I suppose that's easier to do in person than via teleconference.
  3. MacReady

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    I have no desire to have TAMU in the SEC.
  4. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

    this is what the national media now seems to be saying. apparently they want A&M to leave the big 12 officially before they give an offer.
  5. tvolsfan

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    I think they also want to know who the 14th team will be.
  6. fl0at_

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    Les Miles for TAM. Any new updates?
  7. TXA&M07

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    Clearly, I'm in the minority here, but I still think this is going down. Maybe not in the time frame I said early/elsewhere/ect... but I think this is gonna get done prior to the start of the season. 10 day or less would be my guess from what I here from the insiders that are legit. I just want out at this juncture and could give a [uck fay] less who comes with or replaces us.
  8. TXA&M07

    TXA&M07 New Member

    Dan Beebe is going to attempt to now place a deadline on our removal/realignment. He didnt do that to the corn shuckers.
  9. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    If I'm TAMU, I would go independent before I dealt with that.
  10. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

    how badly does teh SEC want A&M? this is something i can't get a handle on.
  11. TXA&M07

    TXA&M07 New Member

    I think the honks will claim they could care less if we come, but the decision makers view it as a positive move. I have no doubt out of all the Texas schools, we're their best option and prior to watching other conferences get their hands on the state, they value the acquisition in order to have a presence. To say otherwise is naive.
  12. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    I agree with that.

    The SEC wants to be ahead of everyone in this expansion deal. You get into Texas, you're doing something. Then the SEC takes Mizzou and they have half the country locked up.

    I want to see Texas play fair and all the conferences stay together personally, but that's not going to happen.
  13. TXA&M07

    TXA&M07 New Member

    Shamelessly, I stole this from our site this morning. Its just too damn good to not share with some of you on here. If Its against the rules, delete it, otherwise, this offers some clarity as to how this shit really is over here in Aggieland.

    "Using stuff read here and other places, I tried to make a list of the reasons given by sips, gaylor, and others about moving to the SEC and how an Ag might counter them in flame wars. Maybe y'all can add some others I haven't thought of...

    Overcoming sip objections to Texas A&M’s move to the SEC

    sip says… “You’re just scared of Texas.”
    You say… “Yeah, that’s why we’re heading to the best football conference in the country.”

    sip says… “You’re just running away from us.”
    You say… “Nope, we’re running to the best football conference in the country, which we considered joining last year and when the SWC broke up.”

    sip says… “The SEC presidents said they didn’t want you. Ha ha ha.”
    You say... “They played it smart and said nothing, but left open the possibility to join the SEC once we clean up unresolved issues in our Big 12-2 situation and request membership in the SEC. We’re going. The only question is when.”

    sip says… “You’ve lost your last six in a row to SEC teams. That proves you can’t compete in the SEC.”
    You say… “You’ve lost your last five in a row to Big 12-2 teams. That proves you can’t compete in the Big 12-2.”

    sip says… “Look how Arkansas has struggled. You’ll get your head handed to you.”
    You say… “When Arkansas joined the SEC they weren’t very good. In fact, they lost 7 our of their last 8 SWC games, only beating a weakened SMU. We may struggle a bit as we improve, but our program is not where Arkansas’ was. We’re on the rise, recovering from the Fran era.”

    sip says… “There’s no way you can win a MNC in the SEC.”
    You say… “Since four different SEC teams won the last six MNCs, it looks like the SEC represents a better path to the than the Big XII.”

    sip says… “The easiest path for you to get to a BCS game is the Big XII.”
    You say… “The easiest path to a BCS game is the Big East. Do you really want to make the case that the Big 12-2 is a better conference because it’s weaker?”

    sip says… “You're just mad because we own the Big XII.”
    You say… “You may control and manipulate the Big 12-2, but you don't own it. If anyone owns it in football, it's OU with 6 conference titles to your 3.”

    sip says… “You’re turning your back on your traditional rivals. I thought tradition was important to you.”
    You say… “Our rivalry with you dates back to 1894. Our rivalry with gaylor goes back to 1899. Our rivalry with tceh goes back to 1927. When the SWC broke up, we gave up rivalries with TCU (1897) and Rice (1914) that no one misses. Why will we miss the rest?”

    sip says… “See, we’ve played since 1894. How can you give that up?”
    You say… “We can continue to play OOC like Florida-Florida State, Georgia-Georgia Tech, and South Carolina- Clemson. If our game is discontinued that will be on you, not us.”

    sip says… “We have no reason to play you OOC. If we win, it's expected. If you win, it's a big upset and messes up our BCS prospects.”
    You say… “Then don't play us and watch your strength of schedule hurt you even more. When we're in the SEC, you'll need the game more than you will.”

    sip says… “You won’t have any traditional rivalries in the SEC.”
    You say… “Sure we will. We started playing LSU in 1899 and Arkansas in 1903.”

    sip says… “You Aggies are obsessed with us.”
    You say… “Then how come we’re willing to go our own way without you?”

    sip says… “You’re so obsessed with us your fight song is all about Texas.”
    You say… “It’s true that the first two lines in the Aggie War Hymn are, ‘Goodbye to texas university. So long to the orange and the white.’ The second line of the your fight song is, ‘Goodbye to A&M.’ If you knew the words to your fight song you would know that.”

    sip says… “You’ll have to change the words to your fight song if we stop playing each other.”
    You say… “’Gig ‘Em Aggies’ was the oldest hand sign in the SWC. When we dropped our rivalry with TCU, we didn’t drop ‘Gig ‘Em.’”

    sip says… “All Aggies do is whine and complain.”
    You say… “All sips do is manipulate, act like bad conference partners, want everything tilted their way, and whine and complain when we stand up to you and call you out. That’s why your AD expressed his opinion of our AD to a reporter using words that couldn’t be printed.”

    sip says… “We don’t care about the Aggies. Our real rival is OU.”
    You say… “Then why are so many sips trolling TexAgs and so obsessed about our leaving?”

    sip says… “You’re just mad that we’re getting more money from the Longhorn Network.”
    You say… “No, we’re seeking more money from the SEC.”

    sip says… “You’ll owe $30 million to the Big XII.”
    You say… “We’ll owe about the same as Nebraska and Colorado, which was $10 million and simply deducted from their TV payments. Since the Big 12-2 promised us $20 million, which hasn’t materialized, we can really make a case that the Big 12-2 owes us $10 million net of the exit fee, on top of the full TV payments.”

    sip says… “You aren’t part of the SEC and never will be. You’ll always be an outsider, even if you join.”
    You say… “Culturally, we’re more like the SEC than we are like you with your left wing, urban, hippy culture.”

    sip says… “You’ll travel too far.”
    You say… “Our only bus trips in the Big 12-2 were you and gaylor. The average driving distance to the rest of the Big 12-2 is 498 miles. The average to the SEC West is 569. For the whole SEC it’s 665. It’s not a big difference.”

    sips says… “You’ll destroy the Big XII.”
    You say… “According to public statements by your head coach, athletic director, and the Big 12-2 commissioner, the conference will survive just fine without us. Were they lying?”

    sip says… “Where’s your loyalty to the conference?”
    You say… “Where was yours when you tried to blow up the conference by cutting a secret deal with the PAC that ended up pushing Colorado and Nebraska out of the conference? We hung around a year out of misplaced loyalty. You hung around out of fear of us going to the SEC.”

    sip says… “You’ll hurt the State of Texas.”
    You say… “We’ll help the state by giving increasing revenues from our SEC membership, giving the state a presence in the nation’s pre-imminent football conference, and creating room for Houston, Rice, or SMU to move up to a BCS conference and take our place in the Big 12-2.”

    sip says… “You were in a contract.”
    You say… “We’re in the same contract you were in when you tried to bolt to the Pac, only now the conference doesn’t include Colorado and Nebraska thanks to you. All contracts have exit clauses and given actions on your part, anything between the Big 12-2 may not be enforceable.”

    sip says… “You agreed to a 10-year commitment to the Big XII. You gave your word. I thought Aggies do not lie, cheat, or steal.”
    You say… “At the time you agreed to a TV network that would only show one OOC game and left everyone with the impression it would be a small, regional network. You broke your end of the agreement and Beebe wasn’t strong enough to enforce it. You're forgetting the rest of the Aggie Code: 'Aggies do not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.' We won't tolerate you as a conference partner anymore.”

    sip says… “We aren’t covering high school games. That’s what you wanted, so quit whining.”
    You say… “Yes, but you are trying to telecast at least one conference game for now and will continue to push the envelope in ways we haven’t anticipated. You’re not a trustworthy conference partner and we’d prefer to play in a conference where everyone has everyone else’s back.”

    sip says… “We gave you a chance to be part of our network.”
    You say… “You offered a partnership where you get two thirds of the money and control everything. I guess that’s what you consider an equal partnership. No thanks.”

    sip says… “If you don’t like the Longhorn Network you should start your own.”
    You say… “The Big 12-2 could’ve started a conference network like the B1G Network that we would have supported, but its prospects and scope are dramatically reduced thanks to sip TV, making it less viable and attractive than if the conference acted in unison.”

    sip says… “The SEC is a joke academically.”
    You say… “According to the 2010 US News rankings, you were first in the Big 12-2 academically, ranked 47th nationally. We were next at 61, followed by gaylor (80), ISU (88), KU (96), Mizzou and OU (102), with K-State, Okie Lite, and Tceh as Tier 3. In the SEC, Vandy is first (17th nationally), followed by Florida (47), Georgia (58), Auburn (88), Alabama (96), UT (106), USC (110), LSU, Arkansas, and UK (all 128). In the SEC, only the Mississippi schools are Tier 3. In the Big 12-2, one school is ranked above us (to date) and three schools are Tier 3. In the SEC, three schools are ranked above us (to date) and two schools are Tier 3. Maybe schools in the Big 12-2 shouldn’t throw stones.”

    sip says… “We own you. Our all-time record against you is 75-37-5.”
    You say… “You owned us when we were a small, all-male, full-time military college, but since we’ve become a major university, not so much. Since 1975 our record against the sips is 19-17. In the last five years, we’ve taken 3 out of 5. Incidentally, since 1975 OU’s record against you is only 16-17-3 and you’ve taken three out of the last five against the Sooners.”

    sip says… “But, but, we’re Texas.”
    You say… “Ain’t what it used to be is it? Well, get used to it. Man, it must suck to be you.”
  14. TXA&M07

    TXA&M07 New Member

    It remains "All quiet on the Western front". I would assume that to be a positive sign.
  15. fl0at_

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    If what was posted on TOOS, and the post on texags is correct... it might not be "all quiet" much longer.
  16. TXA&M07

    TXA&M07 New Member

    Texags is damn near unbearable right now. Full meltdown to occur at any given moment. Twitter is now the devil. Waiting.
  17. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

    what's the current internet rumor?
  18. TXA&M07

    TXA&M07 New Member

    via various twitter accounts:

    @MicheleSteele: CBS Sports Chair: "When there's expansion we'll sit down and talk to the SEC...I don't anticipate that happening in the very near future.

    ChipBrownOB: "My A&M sources say there will be no announcement today of the #Aggies applying for membership to the #SEC."
  19. TXA&M07

    TXA&M07 New Member

    Michele Steel has an agenda and an investment to protect as she the company she represents stands to be effected by this financially. Chip Brown is relaying information that is common knowledge. Ya cant join till ya leave the Big12-2.

    It seems like folks are just grabbing whatever spotlight they can get when they can get it. Especially today after it was declared "today is the day we leave".
  20. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

    what's this "explore conference options" bs. either go balls out or not.

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