“Ninos Rabados”: Spain’s Stolen Children

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    I would like to learn more about the Catholic Church's involvement and am interested if/how they will respond:

    A firestorm in Spain is brewing over a decade's long, systematic cover-up that snatched babies away from their mothers and placed them into the arms of the dictator Generalissimo Franco's regime. It is estimated that between 1950 and the early 80's, 300,000 babies were taken from parents deemed "undesirable" and sold to loyalists of General Franco. This pipeline is also thought to have been orchestrated with direct aid of the Catholic Church in Spain and has left a country wondering the fate of the "Ninos Rabados" — the stolen children.

    “Ninos Rabadosâ€: Spain’s Stolen Children | Around the World - Yahoo! News
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    VolDad, this is known to have happened in Argentina and Chile as well, especially under Rafael Jorge Videla. You should look up the group "Grandmother of the Plaza Mayo" for more information. But yes, there is lots of primary evidence detailing the kidnappings. Videla's henchman were said to have dropped babies out of helicopters into the ocean, the ones they could not find homes for.
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    Hurray, organized religion.
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    This also happened in the movie The Omen. Both are just terrible. Just terrible.
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    The church might have been complicit, but the acts were political. The Catholic Church -- certain priests I should say -- have invested a lot of time and energy into repairing these places.
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    Hitchens is going to have an absolute field day with this.


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