Alabama's immigration law is working out well

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by IP, Nov 22, 2011.

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  2. Those bastard Americans.

    Obama and Calderon were right. Americans suck. How dare they expect foreign citizens to respect the immigration laws of the United States.

  3. IP

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    ya, the nerve of those Germans coming in here and setting up a factory here. Providing all those jobs. Those bastards ought to be rounded up.
  4. This was a shot aimed at the immigration law, and you know it.

    The man did NOT have the required paperwork on his person. He was released once it was produced. No story here at all.

    I guess this shoots down the theory the law only targets Hispanics.
  5. IP

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    If you think arresting anyone without an ID on their person is a good idea for attracting outside investment, so be it. I just now how a foreign company would view this sort of thing.
  6. IP

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    You say that, but how does another company who hasn't moved there yet react to this? It isn't by packing up the ship.
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    As someone who has had to show his documents, i.e. passport/visa/international id, in any number of foreign countries I don't think this is too onerous to ask. Obviously the intent of the law is grounded in something I don't always agree with, but understand.
  8. IP

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    I do admit that he should have at least had his German driver's license on him at the time. But arrest seems like too much.

    I also admit I am not a fan of that law. It is arguably the federal government's fault for it coming about, but it is still a law fraught with moral peril.
  9. Anyone here illegally, certainly felt no "moral' obligation to obey our immigration laws.
  10. volinbham

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    The law is overly harsh but after Alabama, Arizona, Utah and one other I can't recall have all been sued by the DoJ for their immigration laws. Doesn't that suggest that maybe the Feds ought to be working on a better immigration law than just running around suing states?

    On the impact on direct foreign investment I don't see much impact. Obviously when companies invest in other countries with harsher immigration laws (pretty much every country) they inform their employees what the rules are. At worst, it may cost Alabama a recruit or two but not the U.S. as a whole.
  11. Beechervol

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    IIRC its SC.

    Basically the Feds are saying its our jurisdiction, not yours. But we are not gonna enforce the law either.

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