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Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by CardinalVol, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Savage Orange

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    Considering that the folks in and around Tuscaloosa are working triple overtime to tamp down the story about Sweet T Bunn raping that co-ed (who killed herself because the University cares more about money and reputation than their students) it comes as no surprise that some die hard would paint a Bible verse about sexual immorality on their vehicle....
  2. kptvol

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    Something very similar happened at Notre Dame with Prince Shembo. It's been a dirty business for awhile now, but seems to be crossing over to into despicable territory at a lot of universities.
  3. Savage Orange

    Savage Orange Mr. Hot Take....

    I think it goes deeper at Bama. The Bunn family are huge contributors to all things Alabama, be it football, politics, law enforcement or whatever... They are part of the oligarchy that controls what happens there and whenever one of their own run afoul of the law you can be sure the cleanup/coverup will be swift and complete... I know it happens everywhere but the story here is particularly galling, not because I hate Alabama so much (which I do!) but because a young lady took her own life because of what the "Establishment" did to her when she went to them for help....
  4. fl0at_

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    If she had reported Joe Blow of nowhere Alabama, it would have and the exact same end, except maybe the women's counseling center would have been more helpful.

    She is one of thousands of sexual assault reports that go no where.
  5. IP

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    At the same time, we are told that Title IX is out of control and false claims ruin some people's lives.

    I don't know where things are exactly. I have witnessed (from a distance) both extremes in the same year at the same school. If I had to guess, the schools are too involved with trying to deal with this when they are not equipped for criminal investigation and LE doesn't handle this stuff seriously enough.

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