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    Beniquez Brown highlights 2010 - YouTube

    Deciding on signing day. Bama, UF, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss. St. have all been after him pretty hard.

    He is deciding between UT and Miss.St as of now but is taking late visits to Ole Miss and NC State.

    He runs in an offense that has a similar style to what Chaney is running now. Is a stud OLB as well.
  2. IP

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    So do we have a punchers chance? we sound like a bridesmaid waiting to happen
  3. Jewbaccah

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    We are the leader. But he is still deciding. Mullen vs Dooley part 2. Lance is his recruiter and graham now.
  4. Jewbaccah

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    Benequiez Brown RB/LB

    IP these are some quotes from him. He is a very similar player to Neal but a little bigger and stronger. Hopefully he does not fumble though. Neal is probably our best RB but somehow cannot hold on to the ball. Also, if he came out and said I just want to play LB he might be a high 4 star. NC state and Ole Miss will make there pitches on his visits. This may be one of those which team is willing to tell this kid he is a RB gets him situations. He wants a shot at RB before playing LB from what I have read on him. IMO that makes him a fit for us. He is good RB/WR as well.

    The big teams like Bama told him he is a LB. I believe we did at first i.e. Thompson is his recruiter but with our situation it may be worth it to give him one year at RB. If it does not work we have an elite LB for 3 more years. Mullen like with Redmond is telling him he is a RB for is very Urban like recruiting by Mullen.
  5. IP

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    Interesting, thanks for sharing the info. What is MSU's RB situation? Can't be any better than our's for him.
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    We have had a number of battles with MSU for players. Telling, imo.
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    MSU's starter and 3rd string were seniors. The back up (Perkins) will come back and likely have the job. They have one big slow RB committed and Redmond who they have told will get a shot at RB/WR. In the past two years they took guys who were decent. I have no idea if they panned out. None of them have seen the field due to the senior RB this year who had 1,000 yards rushing. UT's situation is really not as bad as people make out at RB. Smith, Lane and Neal are not bad guys to have. Hill plays a style that we really need in a runner right now. Watson is Young part deux. If someone can get Neal to hold on to the freaking ball he would of had the job last year IMO. I believe he fumbled once three times in a row? I am not sure but I believe this is what happened when they let him in as RB. Neal was the best RB in GA and a tough runner in HS. It is very strange. Jay Graham hopefully can fix him. Neal out of HS was just as good as Davis. I cannot believe we did not have a RB coach. I mean it is seriously a mind [uck fay]. Dooley and Chaney are so bad but they are about to have so much talent. It is seriously anyone's guess how this story goes next year.
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    I believe we are battling with MSU because they and us are going after players who want playing time. We are also battling with LSU and Bama for many players. Remember Bama wants Brown too but as a LB.

    I have very little complaints in regards to our recruiting. Big name 5 star recruits want high profile teams who are winning games most of the time. Dooley is truly gifted as a recruiter. He is equally as awful as a football coach thus far. Hiring Graham could be the thing that saves his job though. I mean we are Top 15 in talent next year no arguments to be made. 3-6th most talented in the SEC depending on how you look at it and we are no longer a super young team.

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