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    IP "You don't know what it is like in our universe."

    And on the 3rd Saturday of November, he had risen.
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    Just coach-speak from Dooley. Which, in this situation, is perfectly appropriate and indeed preferred. Google "Tyler Bray" and do a video search, and there are two interview clips with Bray from after practice. He's definitely not tip top, but the footage I saw of him throwing on Tuesday looked pretty damn okay. His passes may have been a touch wobblier than we're used to seeing, but he also didn't appear to be like massively overcompensating or anything. They looked like Bray passes for the most part. I would venture to guess he'll be up near the 90% metric by kickoff. I mean, he's definitely going to start. Dooley will will continue to play the "gametime decision" card all week -- and, again, that's fine. But Dooley knows Bray at even 80% is our best option.

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