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    It's the same here. The property I talked about a few days ago is already off the market despite being listed on the 9th. We got outbid by an above asking price bid that's a solid $3k above recently sold, similar-sized condos despite having a soon-to-be-replaced HVAC unit. I wasn't willing to increase the offer and just decided to assume something else will appear.

    So as an update, home hunting is the worst. No part of this is entertaining or enjoyable.
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  2. 2Maggitt2Quit

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    It was terrible when we bought a couple years ago and it's only gotten worse.

    Some areas have Facebook pages for prospective buyers and sellers. We got lucky and connected with some sellers before they actually listed the home. That may not work for you, but you almost have to get creative to avoid a bidding war where you spend $120 a sqft.
  3. InVolNerable

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    Shitty, 1500 square foot homes in Nashville are going for $300k+. It’s insane.
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  4. droski

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    Is that supposed be expensive?
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  5. InVolNerable

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    $200+/sq foot is pretty expensive for a fixer upper.
  6. fl0at_

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    $120/sq ft is about our top end.
  7. justingroves

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    And they're running bulldozers through them after they buy them
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    Just don't be like me and attempt to build your personal home on nights and weekends after building everyone else's stuff during the day.
  9. IP

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    these sweet summer children do not know.
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  10. BarryCar

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    I cant build it myself. I dont have time to do that in my line of work.

    Im not worried about that now, if I can get cheap, 3, once things settle down begin bi-weekly payments. Pay the 15 year off sooner, save for either building or buying a bigger family home. Then possible sublease or use the place as a shop.

    Walk through next week with my home inspector buddy.
  11. fl0at_

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    Post less often.

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