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Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by KingWebbsticles, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. KingWebbsticles

    KingWebbsticles Chieftain

    1 down, 8 to go.

    Martaze Jackson to transfer.

  2. Tar Volon

    Tar Volon Me Blog @RockyTopTalk.com

    He did his job. Best of luck elsewhere.
  3. IP

    IP Super Moderator

    Good luck to him, appreciate his efforts.
  4. MaconVol

    MaconVol Chieftain

    Hate to see it, but hopefully this is a sign that we are getting closer and closer to eliminating most of the scrubs that we have had to take for the past few years. Wish him the best in his next endeavor.

    XXROCKYTOPXX Chieftain

    Who else do you guys think will go? When this topic comes up Milton's name is always thrown out there. I could see that, so that will be my guess.
  6. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    I thought milton was already suspended indefinitely. He was worth a gamble, but obviously isnt going to transition well from QB to WR. He's just going to continue to be passed up by newcomers.
  7. KingWebbsticles

    KingWebbsticles Chieftain

    Older members of the lines
  8. zehr27

    zehr27 8th's VIP

    He will probably transfer to UK to play QB and beat us. Seems to be easy for ex wideouts to do.
  9. JayVols

    JayVols Walleye Catchin' Moderator

    Well played, imo.
    Unfortunately brutally honest as well.
  10. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    Robert Nelson
    Nigel Mitchell-Thornton
    Marquis Pair
    I think Gooch has graduated, so he could quit and leave Tennessee with a degree.
  11. zehr27

    zehr27 8th's VIP

    Its too bad its come to this. I just cant wait for the day the program gets back on track.
  12. Bassmanbruno

    Bassmanbruno Banned

    Thought this guy was supposed to be pretty decent?
  13. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    He blew out a knee and has had problems since then.
  14. tripper

    tripper Member

    I think we are assuming we are not going to lose Santos, McNeil or any other recruit. It will be interesting to see how the coaches decide who to let go after the break. This will give us some indication as to their confidence to keep this class together. Maybe they just get rid of dead weight and are not worried about keeping 85 and save it for next year.
  15. IP

    IP Super Moderator

    I would think just cutting true dead weight would be the smart move regardless of confidence about class. It's one thing to fill a class with some guys you're taking a risk on, it is another to hold on to them when you know they can't help you.
  16. gorockytop101

    gorockytop101 New Member

    VQ confirming that Arnett is transferring due to homesickness/a sick dad. Best of luck to him, he has potential.

    With Jackson and Nance, that's three.
  17. Tar Volon

    Tar Volon Me Blog @RockyTopTalk.com

    That's a big loss. Justin Hunter's recovery has now gotten even more important, if that's even possible. Best wishes with him and his family.
  18. govols182

    govols182 Honorary Mod

    This has nothing to do with Baggett leaving.

  19. Jewbaccah

    Jewbaccah New Member

    Arnett lost the slot to Dallas. Pig is coming in with other receivers. He did not want to risk never making it here. He is just not physical enough nor big enough. He does not have elite speed. He seemed to run a good route and have hands though. Honestly a case of over hype. He may do better at Michigan the DBs in the Big Ten suck.
  20. volfanbill

    volfanbill Active Member

    I really think he's going home because of his dad and being homesick. This was being rumored since the October stretch. He just wants to go home.

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