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Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by DownNDirty, Oct 8, 2019.

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    My wife's best friend - and the sweet lady that has taught dance to all three of my daughters - was senselessly attacked by her ex on Sunday in Kingsport. Some of you may have seen the news that are local. Missy died yesterday from the attack as she had no brain activity left.

    I lost my mother earlier this year to lung cancer. Having to tell my children their grammy was going to heaven soon back in January was the hardest thing I had ever had to do - until yesterday - when I had to tell them that their mentor, teacher, idol went to heaven because of a lowlife piece of human shit that did something so awful to such a sweet lady.

    The confusion, then sadness, then outright breaking down of all three is something that will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. My twins are 6 so they don't understand quite as much. My 10 year old understands what happened - and asks why there has to be evil people in this world? Why would he MURDER "Miss Missy?"

    Explain that to a child. My 10 year old has lost her innocence. As a parent, I never have tried to shield my kids from anything because the world can be tough. They need to know the score. But the sheer agony the 10 year old has experienced over this is something different.

    Everyone that knew the backstory knew this idiot was a psychopath. He had threatened her several times and had one physical altercation that wasn't deemed major last fall with her. He was put on probation, fined $50, sent to anger management, and told to not have any more violent contact with her. How well that turned out.

    There's personal things I won't get into even on here but I'll say the things this piece of shit did........he deserves to be in the lowest pit of hell. If I had the opportunity I would take him out myself, damned the consequences.

    But the system really did fail Missy, and I know she's just one of thousands. Why can't these "tough guys" pick on someone their own size? Missy was honestly one of the most God loving, sweetest women I have ever known. She was a great role model to all of the kids that she taught for the past 7 or 8 years at her dance studio.

    Life isn't fair but she didn't deserve any of this. It's real bullshit. She lost her life because he wasn't taken seriously as a threat. Now her 3 year old little boy will grow up without a mother or a father - since the father is the one that decided to take a life.

    Some days I really don't want to live on this planet anymore. And today's one of them.
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  2. Ssmiff

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    I'm sorry to hear all of this. A mom and her 13 year old killed in Antioch Sunday night in a domestic situation.
    Just awful
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    That is awful, DnD. Just awful.
  4. IP

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    Sorry to hear.
  5. justingroves

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    I've never understood the mindset of people that do things like this
  6. CardinalVol

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    I've got a friend here who was close with her as well. Cheered and danced with her all the way through school. She's devastated.
  7. Volst53

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    As a father of all girls I worry about getting that call one day and wonder how I’d handle a man beating on them
  8. DownNDirty

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    If someone ever hit any of my three girls and I could get to them they better be prepared to meet whatever God they pray to right then. Because I'll be prepared to send them there.
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  10. CardinalVol

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  11. kmf600

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    Agreed. I will wear an orange jump suit for the rest of my life to protect my girls
  12. justingroves

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    And be happy to do it
  13. Ssmiff

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    You would make sure you are there for the rest of your family. However if you happen to run into him and feel in danger for your life, its self defense to cut him up.
  14. InVolNerable

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    I’ve got one, sandwiched between an older brother and a younger brother on the way. With the way he looks after her already, it’s a good bet we’d all probably have to defend ourselves in court for battery and possibly murder.
  15. CardinalVol

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    If anyone did anything to hurt either of my kids I'm probably gonna be in handcuffs. But hit my little girl? Oh man, there's gonna be hell to pay (literally).

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