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    I have been a smoker for the last 15 or so years and have tried everything to quit. Part of it is that I lack willpower to stop and another is I always end up missing them. Well a month ago, I tried out these E Cigs and I have yet to feel the need to pick up a real cigarette. I went with the Blu E Cigs and I have been more than happy with them. At first it takes a little to get used to, but after a week with them, I can honestly say I dont miss the real ones. They use vapor instead of the smoke with all the chemicals and you can even select what stregth of nicotine that you want with them. They also have great flavors (I love my menthol) ranging from regular to Java flavored. I can sit at my desk and use these things since there isnt a smell with them and you arent lighting anything. Just thought I would post this for anyone maybe thinking of them. It has been a great investment for me and I have saved a bunch in one month alone. I know with Blu, you can puchase disposable ones at Walgreens to see if you like them, but you can get a started pack with about 5 cartriges, batteries, charger pack for about 70 bucks. 5 cartriges will last you a month at least.

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    I tried the cold turkey thing and just couldnt do it. These things have done the trick for me so far

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