Ex-UT RB commit Imani Cross has “no hard feelings' against [ddiapos], Vols

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by VolDad, Dec 23, 2011.

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    “After being committed for 11 months, the reason the recruiter Terry Joseph told Imani and then [ddiapos] told me was that, ‘they hired a new RB coach from South Carolina and don’t know if he’s a Scat guy or Spread guy, so they were re-evaluating backs and that Imani should look around at other schools.’ [ddiapos] also said that ‘they didn’t want to wait until the last minute to tell us so that we could look at other schools.’

    “After being committed to Tennessee for so long and not talking to other schools after his commitment, Imani has no animosity toward UT. At the same time, we’re very thankful … that other schools began calling. We wish them [Tennessee] the best for their search for the ‘best back.’ They have 9 to choose from.”

    Ex-Tennessee RB commit Imani Cross has “no hard feelings” against [ddiapos], Volunteers | AJC College Sports Recruiting
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    Watch this joker go All American wherever he lands.
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    His highlight reel didn't look all that bad. I'm still putting all my eggs in the Alden Hill is the second coming of Aaron Hayden basket.
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    He's too slow. I would bet he runs no faster than a 4.75 40.

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