Faildozer tourney update thread

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by WM, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. WM

    WM Active Member

  2. WM

    WM Active Member

    First round games are up and running. Make sure to vote for all 32 by Thursday night.
    After games are completed i will delete threads to avoid clutter for the second round.
  3. bigpapavol

    bigpapavol Chieftain

    A little disappointing to see some of the real idiots dropped so soon by the vagaries of seeding, but that's how March Madness rolls-it's all about matchups.

    Gibbs to the house, isn't going to be close. Shit, he might go unscored upon. If so, I'll [uck fay]ing post it on VN.
  4. hatvol96

    hatvol96 Well-Known Member

    I predict the pj-midfielder winner will have a surprise for gibbs.
  5. bigpapavol

    bigpapavol Chieftain

    Give me an over / under. I'm betting Gibbs by 15.
  6. WM

    WM Active Member

    All first round games will be wrapped up by tonight at 11pm. Time to discuss the intriguing matchups for the second round come Monday morning.

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