Fantasy baseball

Discussion in 'Sports' started by WM, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. WM

    WM Active Member

    Wanted to see if there was interest on this board of creating a league. Had one on the other board and wanted to continue it here.
  2. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    Dynasty, draft, salary cap, al only, nl only? I'm interested regardless.
  3. WM

    WM Active Member

    Both leagues, draft, head to head. Normal stats, nothing crazy.
  4. Duckman

    Duckman Chieftain

    Definitely interested.
  5. hallowed_hill

    hallowed_hill Active Member

  6. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod


    Maybe hh and I can have a rematch of the last league we were in together (that I won)
  7. kidbourbon

    kidbourbon Well-Known Member

    Do I have a choice between this and frequent kicks right in the [penis]?
  8. volfanbill

    volfanbill Active Member

    please please please. I may already be in one league, but it's been two years since I got to do fantasy baseball and I've missed it so.
  9. NYY

    NYY Super Moderator

    I'm game.
  10. WM

    WM Active Member

    6 so far, need at least 8.
  11. tankervol

    tankervol Member

    I'm in.
  12. WM

    WM Active Member

    One more and i will get the ball rolling this weekend.
  13. WM

    WM Active Member

    One more and i will get the ball rolling this weekend.
  14. Volnbama

    Volnbama Contributor

  15. Indy

    Indy Pronoun Analyst

    Never played fantasy baseball. Does it require a lot of time to keep up with?
  16. WM

    WM Active Member

    Five minutes a day, give or take a minute.
  17. Indy

    Indy Pronoun Analyst

    Hmm. well I would have filled your last spot if bama hadn't taken it. oh well
  18. WM

    WM Active Member

    You can participate if you want to as well Indy. I just needed at least 8 but no more than 12.
    Need email addys from all of you, pm me or post in here.
  19. Indy

    Indy Pronoun Analyst

    Well alright, I'll give it a try I suppose. Never played, but I'm sure it's fun.
  20. NYY

    NYY Super Moderator

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