Free!! – 2 Lower level tickets to Saturday’s game against MTSU

Discussion in 'VOLuminous' started by VolDad, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. VolDad

    VolDad Super Moderator

    It’s Homecoming Week for The University of Tennessee; and to honor the occasion I am giving 2 tickets to next Saturday’s game against MTSU to an 8th Maxim poster for Free.

    Section A (Lower Level) row 37; Vol Cushion with Seatbacks.

    For a chance to win them simply post your interest in this thread. Post as many times as you wish but I will only count 1 entry per username.

    Deadline to enter is Wednesday at 8:00 pm EDT with the random drawing shortly thereafter.
  2. golfballs03

    golfballs03 New Member

    My girlfriends parents are coming into town to meet mine for the first time this weekend. I gave them my tickets to sit with my folks, so I was looking for 2 for me and my girlfriend. This would be stellar.
  3. Chiutfan

    Chiutfan New Member

    hells bells, Id drive down from chicago..
  4. =rpvol=

    =rpvol= Member

    i'm in.
  5. tdtnvols2004

    tdtnvols2004 New Member

    In as well.
  6. hallowed_hill

    hallowed_hill Active Member

    In it to win it. I'll take the little man to this one.
  7. VolDad

    VolDad Super Moderator


    I will put the names in a hat and have a drawing within the hour.

    Thanks for your interest.
  8. VolManiac

    VolManiac New Member

    Would like to be included. Taking my 13 year old son for his first trip to Neyland. If I am too late, I understand.
  9. VolDad

    VolDad Super Moderator

    And the winner is……..



    PM me your shipping info – name, address, telephone number, whether the package can be left at the door or do you want signature receipt.

    Have Fun!
  10. golfballs03

    golfballs03 New Member

    Thanks VolDad!

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