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    Anyone here any good at it? We had a casino night here at my college tonight and i dominated the tables. Started with $10,000, got up to $40,000 at black jack, took it to poker, got it up to $56,000, went back to black jack and doubled it. Ended the night at $112,000. I didn't win anything of course because the money goes towards tickets that go into a raffle, but i figure i need to go to Vegas or something where i don't have to win and then win again just to get something.

    Anyone consider themselves a good gambler? Any good stories?
  2. IP

    IP It's just business.

    I knew a professor who took a class on a week-long trip looking at various biological and geological points of interest throughout California. Somewhere about 4 days in, he realized he hadn't budgeted correctly and that they were running out of money. He borrowed money from a friend, pooled it with what was left, and sent the class on an assignment while he secretly went to the Indian casino. Won all the money he needed and more at Blackjack, the rest of the trip went without a hitch.

    Those are some balls.
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    The house edge is there with every game except blackjack, and even then your margin for error is razor thin. If you understand sports betting that's where money can be made rather quickly with a little protection. Slots, most all of the table games, roulette, craps, etc. are going to make casino's money all day long.

    To answer your question, there are some people who are very good at it, but the guys that you hear about that made a lot of money in Vegas at one point or another lost a lot of money in Vegas. Sure is fun to win though.
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    Went on a cruise a couple of years ago and took $200 specifically to blow in the casino. I had a blast but was down $100 overall from slots and video poker mostly. Wanted to do a hold 'em tourney, but there were never enough willing to play.

    My wife came with me on the last night. She brought $10. She played slots only. Her 3rd spin, she won $20 bucks. My mom was daying I'd cash out. I'd cash out. She kept playing. Same machine. On her 6th or 7th spin, she hit a $250 jackpot. I was pissed and elated at the same time. Weird feeling. I blew a Benjamin over several days while she hit two Bens and a Grant in 10 minutes. At least we went home in the black as a family from gambling. I made her buy all the food and gas on the 12 hr drive home. :)
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    I never play poker at a casino. I'm not willing to buy in big to avoid being pushed around at the table. Plus at the casino it is quite a bit more fun to play other games that I can't play at my own house with friends. Now blackjack and craps are a different story. If you memorize the odds (there are simple charts) and play a one or two deck table then you have some extremely close odds and will likely at worst stay even if you play long enough and are smart. Playing craps you can make a lot of money on each roll if you are on a hot table - problem is that when shooter craps out in this scenario you will lose $300-$400 with the 7 roll. I have been extremely fortunate at both games, but you have to know when to step away and when to keep playing.

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