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    If I had the opportunity to go to sessions court daily I could cancel my TV subscription and lower my IQ 50 points all at the same time. Some people definitely don't need to ever breed. I was in court for the bank today because some jackass won't leave after I foreclosed on him back in October. As I was waiting for his hearing there was this poor guy in the crowd - about 60 years old - looked fairly normal but he kept coughing and looked ill. About 45 minutes after sitting there this guy passes out - he kept nodding off - but he full blown started snoring. The judge just stopped everything and asked him if he was ok. No response so he asked someone to wake him up. Guy shakes him a little bit and his first words were, "Am I still at Walmart!?" The judge then asks to have someone come over and take him for a drug screening. As they were escorting him out of the courtroom he slurred, "thank you sir" to the judge as he went out the door. Entertainment for the day - complete.
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    If Republicans maintain their majority, you can expect super Walmarts to include a general sessions court and county clerk.
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    Helluva lot cheaper
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    Thursday's are when Order of Protections used to be heard.

    Very inflamed situations, both alleged victim and alleged perpetrator all in one area. Few lawyers, as most represent themselves.

    It was often bedlam.
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    Any interesting episodes stick out?
    I'd like to read more stories from folks. This is actually a board of storytellers.
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    Too many to count. They're all stories, really, because this was the first time that the person who has been accused of threatening someone, gets to go in front of a judge to have their side of the story told. IIRC, the hearing had to be held within like 3-5 days of when the emergency order was granted.

    I didn't say this earlier, for fear that some would think I was making light of it all, but it is like attending a live-action version of the People's Court, Jerry Springer, and Cops, all in one.

    I do remember one time that a man (the person who was threatening) was on "the bricks", which is area right outside of the court and before you go through metal detectors (where the floor is made of bricks), and he had brought a hatchet into the courthouse, and began chasing his wife / girlfriend around with it - amongst all of this huge throng of other emotionally fragile people, or those who likely had problems / anger issues. It was scary.

    We would ordinarily just stand up on one of the interior hallways, which could look down onto the bricks, and wait for everyone to be allowed in the courtroom, because it was just too chaotic when they were all just mingling out and about, in that large open area.

    Once inside, they had testimony, one side told their story, the other told theirs - and as most represented themselves, they would be allowed to cross-examine one another, which could be comical, especially when "counsel" would attempt to puff themselves up as some sort of Atticus Finch, and inevitably get turned around and sideways, either with their own claims, the court, the witness, the judge, or all of the above.

    This was probably 15 years ago, or so, so it may have all changed since then.
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    Why is this not a reality show?
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    Yes, this should be on C-SPAN

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