Golden is the Main Issue On This Team.

Discussion in 'Keith Hatfield Memorial Vols Hoops' started by LawVol13, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. LawVol13

    LawVol13 Chieftain

    When you can't guard your position, turn the ball over multiple times at crucial times, are basically no threat to score, and you're the point guard, it's bad news for your team. What looked to be a promising year for Golden has turned out to him being the biggest reason this team currently sucks. Inability to control dribble penetration from the point guard will destroy your half-court defense; that's one of the main problems I currently see. Golden might be able to make up for it when he's scoring 20+ but not when he's scoring 7 or 8.
  2. 7thgroupvolfan

    7thgroupvolfan New Member

    So [uck fay]ing frustrating.... Where the [uck fay] was miller in the 2nd half? Did he even score?
  3. Unimane

    Unimane Kill "The Caucasian"

    He's shit as a 1. He can only play the 2 and we won't win a damn thing until Washpun is remotely serviceable as the 1.
  4. LawVol13

    LawVol13 Chieftain

    If he can stop his player from shooting layups every time he touches the ball, he has one-upped Golden.
  5. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    Any word on why Washpun suited up but never left the bench?
  6. LawVol13

    LawVol13 Chieftain

    I'm assuming Martin has decided to cut the rotation down.
  7. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    I'd keep cutting if I were him.
  8. LawVol13

    LawVol13 Chieftain

    Golden needs to sit, imo. I'd start Washpun and bring Golden in off the bench.
  9. alumvol08

    alumvol08 Active Member

    What the [uck fay] was he doing crawling up the floor at the end?
  10. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    You give up all offense with Washpun in the game but he turns it over less. Defense is a wash. He also has "upside" I suppose.
  11. LawVol13

    LawVol13 Chieftain

    Washpun is a significantly better on ball defender than Golden. That, by itself, is reason for him to play ahead of Golden. Golden needs to learn to defend or sit.
  12. zehr27

    zehr27 8th's VIP

    Why are we not recruiting Nico Johnson?

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