Jamal Lewis one of four plaintiffs suing the NFL

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by Low Country Vol, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Low Country Vol

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    They claim brain injuries stemmed from their NFL playing days which include memory loss, headaches and sleeplessness.
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  2. IP

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    I'm not one of our esteemed lawyers here, but this would seem to be a tough case. The risks of playing professional football are well-known and documented, and the players are well-compensated.
  3. MaconVol

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    I do not see the former players winning this case. However, I do think that this will just help lead to increased awareness about concussions in football. The NFL has been behind on this if you ask me, but I will say that they are doing much better about it here recently. i would say its almost a guarantee that many more former players than what we know about suffer from concussion symptoms.
  4. Jewbaccah

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    I had Physical Therapy same time as Jamal here in the ATL a couple years ago. He would wear big sunglasses even during his session. He was always smiling and never said anything. I mean something is wrong with him.
  5. IP

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    I wonder if cutting down on the pads and hard helmets wouldn't slow collisions down.

    You can pad shoulders and hips, and your head but you can't pad the inside of your skull.
  6. Unimane

    Unimane Kill "The Caucasian"

    It all depends on what the NFL knew about the extent of the problems and what they hid. I have heard teams pressured doctors to mislead players and information was also withheld by the league. If they can prove this, the NFL is in a world of shit.
  7. Volst53

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    I had an old coach that played during the leather helmet era. He says that the facemask is the issue to all of the head injuries today.
  8. govols182

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    ESPN radio was discussing this today. They said that the athletes thought they were indestructible because of the helmets and if leather helmets were brought back it would greatly reduce concussions. They also said that better technology was available, but they NFL wasn't pursuing it because of binding contracts with other companies.
  9. That doesn't strike me as someone with something mentally wrong with them or anything. Perhaps he was high on cannabis.
  10. The Dooz

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    Jamal loved to smoke weed.

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