Japanese Tsunami Inside Car View

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    Yu Muroga is a Japanese driver. It was his tour took place when the earthquake March 11, 2011. Like most people of his area, he did not feel threatened by the tsumani, as it was far enough from the coast. So he continued to drive and do its job. The HD camera mounted on the dashboard has not only captured the shock but also the moments that followed, where many drivers were stranded by the waters of the tsunami

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    Crazy but I couldn't understand a damn thing they were saying.
  3. IP

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    From my limited understanding of Eastern languages, I am reasonably confident that he was discussing a business proposition directed at the listener to perform fellatio for five American dollars in hard currency.
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    I like how the person jumps out of the van around the 1:00 minute mark as the water is rising and goes back to shut the van door.

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