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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Unimane, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Been meaning to write this for a week or so, but did anyone catch the Louisville-Memphis game where they had Pastner wired up? Holy shit, talk about a coach who has no [uck fay]ing clue. I actually heard him say to a kid "I love you, but you've got to get tougher." Inspiring. He's a glorified Wade Houston who can recruit a little bit better. I checked out the Memphis site and they have this delusion that he will learn on the job how to coach, which is ridiculous. I used to spar with a [uck fay]ing idiot named Stammers there during the high tide of the Pearl-Calipari days and he posted his typical moronic drivel about how UNC or Duke would maybe hire Pastner if they were hiring, so they should just be patient.

    All this said, I have to think Pastner will get the boot in a year or two, so is he someone we would want to look into hiring as an assistant? To me, that's his ceiling and the dude can, seemingly recruit without getting a program in trouble.
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    I like Pastner and he is one of the classiest coaches in the country but he is clearly not getting it done. Not sure why his ceiling is as an assistant? He would hardly be the first coach to not succeed at his first HC job.

    What's wrong with telling a kid he needs to get tougher? Was it when or how he said it?

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