Let's Get Serious About the DC search.

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by volfanjo, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    Only a handful of guys would seriously alter the fortunes of a program we know has systemic flaws starting at the top, and those guys (let's say LeBeau, Nolan, Orgeron, a rejuvenated Buddy Ryan) will not be coming here. I understand why we are all pining for Randy Shannon. He would seem to be a fantastic hire who could not only manage a defense but recruit an area of the country rich with talent. He would be a headliner. But could he totally alter the course of this program? Would he stave off where we are seemingly headed?

    I suppose a truly awful hire would speed up the inevitable. I am not hoping for that; nor should anyone. The fact of the matter is we will hire a defensive coordinator, there will be football played in the fall, and no matter what, the responsibility will reside with [ddiapos] for the fate and direction of our program. The new DC deserves our support until he proves otherwise.

    (My sources say did say Dooley interviewed JayVols at the Stone Drive Chick-fil-A. TIFWIW).
  2. NYY

    NYY Super Moderator

    My source said it was Cheddar's.
  3. Lexvol

    Lexvol Guest

    Terry Joseph says he doesn't give a shit who is hired...he still runs the [uck fay]ing defense.
  4. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    The longer this goes the worse Dooley's chances of being here in 2013 are
  5. JayVols

    JayVols Walleye Catchin' Moderator

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  6. JayVols

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    It was at Eastman Rd. Chop House. Internet rumors. They never get it right.....

    Update: talks have hit a snag over an air conditioned golf cart for me to ride to and from practice and games and to sit in during practices in the heat. They also are not too keen on renaming it The Vol Walk/Ride. The wait continues.....
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  7. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    I don't think Ed O could save Dooley. Not sure if the other guys could, honestly.
  8. IP

    IP It's just business.

    I thought organization and management, planning type stuff were supposed to be his strength. It has been as big a weakness as any.
  9. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    Hubbs now believes Sal Sunseri is the name to watch.
  10. TennTradition

    TennTradition Super Moderator

    I've been coming to the same conclusion. Sunseri makes sense, based on how things are playing out.
  11. I think it is going to be Steele.
  12. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    He was a heckuva position coach with the Panthers. Apparently he can croot' too.
  13. chavisut

    chavisut Dan Mullen Fan Club President

    Welcome. Post often.
  14. Thanks. Nice looking place.
  15. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    Why hire a Saban LB coach with noDC experience when you already have a Saban LB coach with DC experience that would be a ton cheaper?
  16. TennTradition

    TennTradition Super Moderator

    The same reason that the backup QB is everyone's favorite guy....
  17. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    You can get em' both. You promote Thompson you still have to hire a coach. Chances are you couldn't bring a Sunseri on board without the promotion to DC. So then you are looking for a position coach and probably couldn't get one near as accomplished as Sunseri. My guess.
  18. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    Promote Thompson and move him back to LB. Hire Bisaccia. Let Chaney coach QB. Find a DL coach on the cheap. Go play football then fire everyone except Graham and Bisaccia
  19. There is a reason Sal Sunseri hasn't been able to get a even a decent DC job after 25+ years of coaching. No thanks.
  20. Tar Volon

    Tar Volon Me Blog @RockyTopTalk.com

    Look at it this way (FWIW, this would've been the same way I approached Steele): he won't survive Dooley at Tennessee. So if he sucks as DC, at least he got some good talent for the next guy (because he's a great recruiter). If he's pleasantly surprising at DC, he's pleasantly surprising at DC.

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