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Discussion in 'Sports' started by RevBubbaFlavel, Mar 15, 2019.

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    If they really are getting into money laundering and the FBI is involved, then we probably will hear about it and they will be screwed.
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    It's going to be hard to bury if the FBI digs into it.
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    Random thoughts, in no particular order or all completely talking out of my ass:

    1. This could all be 100% true. However, it is most likely the result of a game of telephone, and a heavy dose of catastrophizing by a fan who is operating off of multiple-retellings of something that might have contained some semblance of truth, at some point, but isn’t true now, in whole or in part. Of course everyone wants to believe it, because LSU fans fear the worst, and every other school that competes with them hopes that it is. But let’s assume that it’s true.

    2. If any part of this involves criminal activity, or the misuse of taxpayer funded monies, and the FBI is involved, everyone involved with it is screwed, as is everything that they’re involved in, and anyone that they know. If wrongdoing has occurred, and the FBI is involved, they’ll find it. If the IRS is also involved, well, it’s time to go to the house and light prayer candles.

    3. Basilio spoke about this hospital business at LSU just this week. I can’t recall the specific day, because I listen to him as I walk, and all of the shows blur together. I think it’s the day that he had Coach Brown on, so maybe Thursday or Friday, but again, I can’t be sure. But I’m certain that he made some mention of a hospital in Baton Rouge funneling money to LSU, this week. Point being, this guy isn’t the only one saying this, and it’s out there.

    4. It anyone can prove - as this guy claims - that all of this was being done with the knowledge of the Board, Trustees, LSU leadership, etc., much less it’s blessing, well, those people are too stupid to run a damned cat house, much less a university. They’re also too stupid to get in out of the rain, and would have likely drowned, long ago. I’d be much more stunned if any of this goes back and can be traced to anyone beyond the athletic department / boosters, than whether or not it even occurred.

    5. If this is true, then I assure you that LSU isn’t worried about the NCAA, at all. Not one iota. Why? Because the NCAA can’t put you in jail and seize your assets, but the FBI & IRS can. So, what’s this mean? Well, if this was really going on, and Will Wade had any idea that it was, or even an inkling of it - you don’t suspend him. You keep him coaching, and on your “team”, so to speak, so as to prevent giving him any reason to spill the beans and roll over on you. If he’s about to be fired for cause (and he is), he isn’t going to get any money out of them (he isn’t), and he’ll never again be a HC (he won’t be), then why in the hell and for what reason would he continue to protect those people? If this is happening, and if Wade knows, then why wouldn’t he relish any chance to burn the same people on the way out, and the whole place with them, too. The FBI wouldn’t give a shit if Wade kept coaching or not, so the fact that they suspended him tells me that LSU is most concerned with the AA, and not the FBI, and this larger problem that’s being alleged to exist.

    6. That is, unless Wade has already flipped, is already working with the Feds, and LSU used suspending him as a coach as a means to cut him off and limit what else he could learn or know, going forward. I do think it’s curious that that recording was leaked, at all, anytime. It had to come from the FBI, and if they were actively working something as big as this, I don’t see them as wanting to give anyone a heads up of it before they were ready, by jumping center stage on everyone’s radar by allowing this to leak. Now, if they wanted to flip someone, say like Wade, well, the more alienated and desperate a subject is, the easier that task becomes. Perhaps it leaked because the FBI wanted to show Wade that they had the goods on him, and because they knew that LSU would abandon him, if it came out. I don’t know what other purpose the leak served. For those of you who are about to say, “Maybe the FBI didn’t leak it, and these reporters just got the scoop.” well, ok. It’s certainly possible. But I can tell you this - they now exactly who could access those wiretapped recordings, and they can tell you every person who could and did have access to them. Recall, the Yahoo reporters who broke this have said that they heard the actual recodings. Not a transcript. Physically heard them. So, if some agent / employee was the source of an unauthorized leak, the FBI will absolutely figure out who it was, and that / those persons will not only be immediately fired, but will likely go to federal prison. Do any of you think an FBI agent / employee would risk that, for any reason, much less to jeopardize a case of such alleged magnified, just to give a story to Yahoo?

    7. Even if it’s all true, it always looks so much worse when it first comes out, but rarely winds up as bad as you think it will, once the courts and lawyers get involved. I think that this is a nothing burger, but will be delighted if I’m wrong, and it’s all true.
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    If it were true, LSU really didn't capitalize on the risk very well. One good basketball season and a lot of mediocre SEC football?
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    I’m not really understanding how a hospital would go about funneling this money to the players. They aren’t really a cash-based business. Granted, I don’t really know how to do it in any business, but my thought would be to take a whole bunch of cash payments and let them go unreported, then just hand that over to a recruit. Not many people at all paying hospital bills in cash.
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    It may not be cash. I know that sounds stupid, but what if it was being done "reimbursements" to accounts and there is a massive paper trail? Dunno. It all seems hard to believe, but all the good conspiracies are.
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    It's able to take money in from the university since it's part of the system. Then able to move it without much oversight.
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    Not much oversight, but there would be a trail.
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    Hospitals are always submitting budgets to show how much they have in losses in order to justify more funding. The books aren’t really closed off.
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    Definitely. I doubt it's anywhere near the forefront of anyone's minds to look, though.
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    I still don’t see how you’d get the money to the kid. Hey, i need 50k for our American Cancer Society fundraiser. Instead of an oversized check can you just give me a briefcase of cash?
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    I am guessing, but they can probably handle electronic transfers of funds.
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    Pawn shop is the business that I’d use.

    Hospital seems like way too much of a paper trail
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    As far as the attachment, it reads like a lot of b.s. that posters who like a lot of attention and who have suggested outlandish things over the years to get it. Starts off by trying to establish his cred, seems to dive right in, but he keeps building the story expanding to football, etc. There are no details given of how it might have happened just that it did. True or not, at best this is some fellow repeating something third hand.

    At the link, it mentioned hiring parents. If the NCAA wing of the FBI wants to dig into that, I suggest they hop on up to the northeast, up I 20 just across the bammer state line and get to know the Tagovalovas or however it is you spell their last name. I'm sure the move from Hawaii was all above board and right.
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    Auburn was giving recruits secret codes to male slot machines pay off at casinos owned by Auburn boosters, IIRC.
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    You and anyone who took that “As the Plains Burn” manifesto as truth were being willfully obtuse.
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    I’m not a journalist. I just remembered reading that. Hence, I used “IIRC” and didn’t provide a source.


    Also, [uck fay] Auburn.
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